How Do Results Improve with Time After High Definition Body Contouring

How Do Results Improve with Time After High Definition Body Contouring

How Do Results Improve with Time After High Definition Body Contouring
A 52 year old female demonstrating the improvement in her high definition liposuction results from pre-op(left) to three months (middle) and six months (right).

How Do High Definition Body Contouring Results Improve with Time

Patients often ask us how much time must pass before they reach their full potential after high definition body contouring. The answer is variable and based on multiple factors. The first includes the extent of surgery that is undertaken. The more extensive your surgery, the longer it will take you to recover. The second relates to your nutrition status. The healthier you are the quicker you should expect to bounce back. For example, if you exercise regularly and eat well with a high-protein diet, then you will experience less swelling and subsequently less inflammation. Less inflammation results in a decrease in fibroblast proliferation. This results in the normal deposition of collagen required to heal incision lines and avoidance of hyperinflammatory fibrosis. Hyperinflammatory fibrosis refers to soft tissue scar formation that will only resolve with time.

The Magic Number is 3 Months

Regardless of the extent of surgery and your health condition, patients are asked to expect at least three months before appreciating glimpses of their final result. This means being patient for at least three months before considering a milestone event or trip or buying a new expensive wardrobe. As such, we typically take your first postoperative photographs at your three-month postoperative follow-up. However, your results will continue to improve after high definition body contouring for up to six months after surgery. We present in this blog an example of how a patient will continue to improve in their appearance from three months to six months following surgery. Please see the continued resolution of swelling that then results in the appearance of muscle highlights and the evolution of smooth transition lines.

Ultimate Time to observe improved results after high definition body contouring

How do results improve with time after high definition body contouring? They continue to improve even out to 1 to 2 years following surgery. As such, it is important to be patient and continue a healthy lifestyle as your body continues to remodel and show your best potential.

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