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Breast Implant Brands

Breast Implant Brands CPSI.
Breast Implant Brands; CPSI.

Here we see a 43-year-old patient post breast implant augmentation using silicone smooth-shelled breast implant brands.

When you undergo breast augmentation surgery, you may find yourself researching different breast implant brands. Currently, three FDA-approved breast implant brands dominate the market, including implants made by Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra corporations. SurgiSculpt surgeons have used all three breast implant brands and can share their expertise with their patients. The main differences between the breast implant brands and various styles are shared below for your continuing research. One of the bigger distinctions between brands is their warranty policy for breast implants . Although breast implants are designed to last for many years, breast implants are by no means intended to last indefinitely. Breast implants may eventually leak and will need to be replaced. Each breast implant brand offers its time limitations and warranty program. Allergan uses higher cross-linked silicone gel, called cohesive implants, and makes a line of saline-filled implants.

The advantage of using higher cross-linked silicone molecules is that the gel is stickier and less likely to migrate across the implant shell barrier. This migration of silicone gel material is termed bleeding and can result in capsular contracture. Allergan also makes a highly cohesive gel implant with a higher cross-linking density, making it even more susceptible to rupture. Their Natrelle Inspira silicone gel implants are available in various profiles and sizes and are currently only manufactured with smooth implant shells. Silicone textured breast implants have been discontinued due to concerns relating to an associated development of a uniquely identified cell lymphoma of the breasts called BIA-ALCL. Allergan corporation warrants its silicone gel breast implants for rupture, capsular contracture, and development of BIA-ALCL. Allergan saline breast implants are also covered for rupture and ALCL. If any of these are experiences, then Allergan will replace the implant and its pair. If any of these are experienced within the first decade of your silicone breast augmentation surgery, then Allergan will reimburse you for your expenses for approximately $3,000.

For ruptured implants, Allergan corporation recently offered a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warrantee guarantees you will never have to buy another implant again! Mentor manufactures two lines of silicone gel and saline implants in various profiles and sizes depending on your choice of breast implant brands. The mentor uses Memory Gel implants, which are rounded and either smooth or texture shelled. Mentor advertises a better shape, with a natural upper breast pole prominence. Mentor silicone breast implants come with the same warranty. This warranty includes a lifetime warranty that replaces the involved silicone implant and its pair if a rupture is experienced. Mentor will pay up to $3500 for surgical costs to help with the revision surgery. This warranty option does not cover capsular contractures. Mentor offers an additional paid coverage plan to cover capsular contracture.

For saline breast implants, no reimbursement for surgery costs is given for adverse events, but there is a lifetime warranty for cases of deflation. Their $200 enhanced protection program extends coverage to capsular contracture and will reimburse up to $2400 for surgery costs for deflation. Scientra breast implants are filled with advertised high-strength cohesive silicone gel implants. Their replacement breast implants are only smooth-shelled. Although Scientra offers a smaller range of implant sizes and styles than other breast implant brands, it is a reputable company. Like the other breast implant brands, a free lifetime replacement for ruptured silicone gel implants and a matching pair is offered. Scientra reimburses up to $5000 for surgery for a rupture in the first 20 years. Sientra reimburses up to $2000 for surgery costs if capsular contracture, seroma, or double capsule is experienced within the first two years. Having experience using all three breast implant brands, Surgisculpt surgeons recommend Inspira Allergan breast implants solely because they have been tested through the luxury of time since they have been around since 2006.

Silicone-filled breast implant placement with this implant has proven successful for over a decade, using a wide range of sizes. Breast implant procedures using this breast implant manufacturer have been associated with very low breast implant rupture and risks of breast implant adverse events. Silicone-filled implants have proven safe, especially when using a smooth-shelled cover. The benefits of breast implants include improved breast size, a stronger breast contour, and reduced loose skin. Initial implant surgery consultation should discuss the generalized risk for complications, risks of rupture and capsular contracture for silicone gel-filled breast implants, and the benefits of breast implants.

Patients should be counseled regarding avoiding aspirin-like products, avoiding crowds to minimize the risk of infection, and proper postoperative care for their implants.

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