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Tummy Tuck Alternatives

Tummy tuck alternatives involve the use of combined liposuction and Renuvion subdermal coagulation, skin tightening. Tummy tuck utilizes a surgical incision line required for the excision of skin redundancy. Many of our younger and older patients do not wish to have an incision line. The younger patients don’t want the stigma of an incision line that denotes that they have undergone surgery. Older patients don’t want to endure large surgical incision lines that require a prolonged recovery period.

Are there tummy tuck alternatives?

Fortunately, Renuvion skin tightening technology, allows for tightening of the skin without the need for surgical incision lines. Renuvion utilizes a combined Helium activated plasma and radiofrequency energies that allow for immediate thermal heating of collagen molecules throughout the soft tissues and underlying skin. Heating of collagen molecules results in contraction of the collagen protein resulting in instant tightening of the skin. Using their proprietary wand transducers, the Renuvion energy can be administered through the same port holes used to perform liposuction.

As such, Renuvion skin tightening provides a viable tummy tuck alternative for patients wanting to avoid prolonged surgical excision lines. However, the limitation of Renuvion skin tightening technology is that it can only accommodate minimal to moderate skin redundancy and skin that has good to excellent texture. As such, Renuvion provides a good tummy tuck alternative for younger patients and not older patients. This is because younger patients typically have less skin redundancy and skin texture that is good to excellent. In contrast, older patients will typically demonstrate poor skin texture and moderate to extensive skin redundancy.

If you are interested in a tummy tuck alternatives that are free of surgical incisions, you should make a consultation with our SurgiSculpt team.

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