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Breast Implant Augmentation Surgery Price

Breast Implant Surgery
Breast Implant Surgery
Breast Implant Surgery

Please see this 23-year-old female after her breast implant augmentation with 445 cc silicone implants.

Breast implant augmentation surgery price is affected by what will be required to create your dream breasts. The factors that will influence breast implant augmentation price include whether there is any breast shape asymmetry, if there is any breast sagging if you already have implants that are leaking or have become malpositioned. Finally, the type and implant style chosen will affect your breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Implant Augmentation Surgery Price Affected By Breast Shape Asymmetry

Breast implant shape asymmetry can affect breast implant augmentation price because maneuvers other than a simple implant placement will be required to achieve optimal breast shape. These maneuvers will require additional time in the operating room, the number one factor affecting surgical price.

For example, if your breasts demonstrate asymmetry in the lower breast mound pole, you may require a wedge excision of the lower breast pole in one breast, not the other. The excised wedge excision cosmetic procedure will have to be independently gauged in each breast to allow for improved lower breast pole symmetry upon completion of the . Specifically, the goal is to ensure that following breast implant augmentation requiring wedge excisions, both breasts possess similar nipple-to-inframammary crease lengths.

Often breast shapes may be unequal for medial and lateral breast poles. In such patients, it may be required to customize implant pocket position differentially in each breast. For example, if the medial breast pole of one breast is not as prominent, you may require the medial breast pocket to be made more prominent in this breast.

Breast Implant Augmentation Surgery Price Affected By Breast Sagging

If you demonstrate sagging of your nipple and areola or sagging of your breast mound, you will require a breast lift at the same time as your breast implant augmentation. Performing a breast lift procedure will require additional operative times that will affect your breast implant augmentation surgery price.

This additional time can be significant and ranges from 2/12 to 3 hours of additional operative time compared to 1 hour or less for a simple breast implant placement. In addition, if your breasts are not perfectly round, such as in a tubular-shaped breast mound, you may also require a specialized breast lift technique to round out your breast mound shape.

Breast Implant Augmentation Surgery Price Is Affected By Requiring Breast Implant Replacement.

For patients that already have breast implants, it is routine to require not only breast implant removal and implant replacement but also potential implant pocket repositioning. Implant repositioning requires altering the capsule, which may include cutting the capsule, termed capsulotomy, cutting out the capsule, termed capsulectomy, and altering the capsule to tighten or alter the breast pocket, called capsulorrhaphy.

When your desired is augmented, a capsulotomy is required to make more room for your replacement breast implant. In this scenario, the medial aspect of the breast pocket is typically cut to allow for the medialization of the breast pocket. This is because implants tend to migrate laterally with time. The tendency to lateralize is promoted by the implants being pushed out when if you sleep on your tummy or if you don’t wear a bra when you sleep on your back. Another group of patients with grossly malpositioned implants will require the breast pockets to be sewn down to limit the pocket size. These alterations of the breast capsule are often required to improve overall implant position or to correct breast pocket asymmetry. Additionally, there may be breast implant augmentation surgery price differences depending on the implant choice.

Breast Implant Augmentation Surgery Price Is Determined By Implant Type

Breast augmentation cost and surgery price are affected by type of implants required for your breast implant augmentation. For example, saline implants only cost approximately $750 for the purchase of your implants. In contrast, routine silicone implants can cost up to $1300 for the pair.

Additionally, specialty silicone implants such as the gummy bear or Cohesive implants can cost up to $1600 for the pair. During your initial consultation, you can choose your implant size, style, and type so that we can provide you with an accurate breast implant augmentation procedure price. The ideal choice of implants for breast implant surgery is dictated by several factors, including how generous the breast tissues are and whether a breast lift will be required. If the breast tissues are thinner or you require a breast lift, it may be prudent to avoid saline implants that might feel firmer than silicone breast implants.

Breast Implant Augmentation Surgery Price Summary

In summary, breast implant augmentation surgery price can be affected by multiple factors described above. Breast augmentation patients must choose the type of breast implant and be communicated the specific breast surgery maneuver required to complete their cosmetic breast surgery. This may include surgical maneuvers required, such as alteration of breast implant pocket for those who already have implants or a breast lift should you have a breast mound or nipple and areola sagging. Facility fees are directly affected by the duration of the surgical procedure.

In addition, the degree of breast shape deformity or size asymmetry can prolong your surgical times and subsequently affect your pricing. Finally, breast implant types, saline versus silicone or specialty implants, can affect your price. If you want an accurate breast implant augmentation surgery price, we encourage you to contact our office for a complimentary consultation.

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