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Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Breast Augmentation Surgeon
Please see this 26-year-old female for her breast augmentation surgeon.

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Breast augmentation surgeons should possess certain skills that are only obtained with experience. They should be well-versed in breast anatomy as well as breast tissue composition. This is because breast surgery can present you with many surprises, such as anatomical variations or abnormal or atypical tissues.

Breast surgeons have to be well versed in dealing with any surprises or in being able to manipulate tissue even when they are variable in a presentation to achieve optimal breast shapes. Moreover, it is routine to observe breast shape asymmetry that requires unique manipulations to achieve symmetric sizes and optimal shapes.

Breast augmentation surgeons should also be versed in all implant sizes, styles, and types. Implant sizes can range from the smallest 100cc size to the largest 800cc size. Also, these surgeons should be able to assist you in choosing the optimum size for your breast to achieve your desired breast mound or cup size.

Although choosing your implant size is a personal decision, experienced breast augmentation surgeons should be able to guide you in choosing the ideal breast implant size. For example, when evaluating ideal breast mounds from the front, you should consider your shoulder width. Moreover, when evaluating ideal breast mounds from the side, you should consider your buttock size and projection.

Qualities of the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Breast augmentation surgeons should be able to communicate to you the advantages and disadvantages of saline versus silicone as well as the difference between various implant types regarding silicone shells such as smooth versus textured, and even regarding various implant firmnesses such as Natrelle silicone implants versus Cohesive silicone implants (gummy bear style).

Finally, breast augmentation surgeons should be well-versed regarding silicone implant styles, such as moderate versus high profile, and why you should consider one style over another.

Finally, breast augmentation surgeons should be able to provide you the opportunity to undergo a simple breast augmentation or a simultaneous breast augmentation along with a breast lift should a breast lift be necessary for breast or nipple and areola sagging.

Performing simultaneous breast augmentation and lift procedures can be technical and require an experienced breast surgeon. This is because forces placed on the nipple and areola with the placement of an implant may compromise blood flow to the nipple-areola complex that is already affected by a lift procedure.

An experienced breast surgeon can maneuver his/her way through these two procedures while preserving blood flow to the breast tissues.

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