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Breast Augmentation Smaller

breast augmentation revision patient 16 front view
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Please see this 39-year-old female who underwent breast augmentation revision with removal and replacement of bilateral silicone implants.

Breast augmentation small implants refer to the surgery to remove current breast implants and replace them with smaller ones. Patients who desire breast augmentation smaller are typically tired of their more generous breast size. Patients seeking breast augmentation with smaller implants are usually older and have experienced the discomfort of having larger breast implants.

While you liked voluptuous breasts achieved with larger implants that were enticing in your twenties, you may realize in your forties, fifties, and sixties that they have become a hindrance. Patients seeking breast augmentation are always counseled to choose an implant that will provide them with proportional breast mounds rather than top-heavy breasts. Unfortunately, a few clients don’t heed our recommendations and proceed with breast augmentation using larger implant sizes. Unfortunately, if you lead an active lifestyle, you may find breast augmentation surgery with larger implants cumbersome as you age.

A smaller subset of ladies may desire breast augmentation and smaller implant surgery if they are extreme athletes who feel that larger implants may limit their physical performance.

A final reason why patients might desire to undergo breast augmentation smaller surgery is that their breasts have become deflated and started sagging. When your breasts start sagging, it will make the weight of your implants feel even heavier. This is because sagging breasts will cause even more neck and upper back-torque. As such, when these patients are contemplating a breast lift, they may be reminded of the seeming heaviness of their breasts even though they did not have any implants. If you have noticed that your breasts are feeling heavier than usual because they are sagging, you may consider having a simultaneous breast augmentation with smaller implants.

Already have breast implants?

If you already have implants, you may choose to undergo breast augmentation with smaller implants, especially if you also need a breast lift. If you are willing to go significantly smaller, you may choose to have your implants removed altogether with no replacements but rather a breast lift only. Interestingly, the breast lift technique used to lift your sagging breasts differs depending on whether you want to eliminate your implants are want to replace your implants with another pair. Another option for patients desiring the removal of their implants is to replace fatty tissue to compensate for the loss in volume from implant removal partially.

Breast Augmentation Small Implants Sizing

If you are considering breast augmentation smaller surgery, you will require a consultation to complete a breast sizing session to determine your final cup size. Following breast sizing sessions, you will have a better idea of whether you want to replace your implant with a smaller one or wish to do without an implant altogether. Today, natural breast augmentation procedures allow you to increase the volume of your fat. The advantage of having natural breast tissues for your augmentation is that you won’t require any maintenance of your implants. The downside of natural breast augmentation is that you can only go up in 1/2 cup size.

Breast implant surgery requires an initial consultation to determine the desired breast size. Determination of desired breast mound size will then guide breast implant size selection. Other factors that can be addressed include determining breast shape, volume, and the style of breast implants desired. If you are interested in a breast augmentation smaller surgery, please consult a SurgiSculpt surgeon today.

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