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Breast Augmentation Newport Beach

Breast Augmentation Newport Beach, CPSI.
Breast Augmentation Newport Beach, CPSI.
Breast Augmentation Newport Beach, CPSI.

35 Year-old female with breast augmentation

Why is breast augmentation in Newport Beach so popular? Breast augmentation Newport Beach is popular because there is a high demand for breast surgery in Orange County, which has the highest income per capita.

Choosing Breast Augmentation in Newport Beach

Not surprising is the fact that Newport Beach possesses the most number of plastic surgeons per square area in Orange County. In 2019, there were more than 100 plastic surgeons in this small city with only 100,000 residents.

That means there is one plastic surgeon to serve every 1000 residents! This is compared to the national average of 1 plastic surgeon per 30,000 residents. In addition, Newport Beach is well regarded for its gentle weather patterns that allow its residents and tourists to enjoy the outdoors and ocean life. The result is an increased opportunity to show off your enhanced breasts following the placement of breast implants.

Since patients are avidly interested in enjoying outdoor life, such as swimming, surfing, and aquatic activities, looking good in swimsuits and sports gear is a high priority. Whether you choose one of several implant types or natural breast tissue fat transfer for your breast augmentation procedure, the luxury of living in Newport Beach will surely provide you ample opportunity to enjoy your exaggerated breast-to-body silhouette.

It is no wonder that breast augmentation Newport Beach is a popular procedure. In summary, breast augmentation Newport Beach is performed in high numbers due to high demand from local clients and because there are very experienced and well-regarded breast surgeons to perform them.

As a result, the bar is held high regarding breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation Newport Beach before and after outcomes are well regarded by clients throughout Orange County and throughout the country.

During your breast augmentation, you can convey to your SurgiSculpt surgeons exactly the beast shape and size you are seeking. You will also be able to view and feel an assortment of silicone and saline implants. Finally, you will complete a virtual breast sizing protocol to help you visualize what your chosen implants will look like.

Newport Beach Breast Augmentation Protocol

Several decisions have to be made before having your augmentation surgery. First, you need a comprehensive evaluation to identify whether you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation or whether you may also need a simultaneous breast lift to correct breast ptosis. You have to choose both the type and size of your breast implants. Specifically, you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of silicone gel versus saline implants. You may also need asymmetric breast implant sizes to address asymmetrical breast volumes. It would help if you chose your preferred breast pocket position that can be located above or below the pectoralis muscle. Most patients are advised to have their implant pocket positioned under the pectoral muscle to minimize the risk of capsular contracture. As early as your initial consultation, your breast augmentation surgeon will clarify whether you are an ideal candidate for breast augmentation surgery. You must communicate to your surgeon whether you desire a conservative, natural appearance to your breasts or rather have flashier, fuller breasts. Types of implants and incision types should be discussed.

Finally, you will have ample time to discuss your postoperative recovery, including wearing compression garments and a breast band following surgery. Wearing a specialized breast band, termed the Mermaid band, is critical to avoid implant malposition. Also, precautions you should take to ensure long-lasting results will be discussed. For example, you will be educated on how to perform capsular contracture prophylaxis exercises to minimize the risk of capsular contracture. You will also have the opportunity to review precautions to avoid lateralization.

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