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Brazilian Butt Lift Revision Recovery

Brazilian Butt Lift Revision Recovery

Please see this 46-year-old female who was able to return to her occupation within ten days.

Brazilian butt lift revision recovery is dictated by the operative steps to achieve your ideal buttock size and shape. The operative steps may be as simple as minimal liposuction of undesirable prominences of the buttock mound, termed feathering. Others may need more invasive BBL revision excisional surgeries, such as performing a lateral thigh and buttock tuck to help eliminate moderate to severe skin redundancies. Most revision Brazilian butt lift patients do require not only correction of the buttock mound but also revision liposuction of the body to improve the overall body contour lines. On the day of surgery, your bbl revision surgeon will create detailed marks of all of the areas not addressed by your previous surgery. You will also have the opportunity to rediscus your goals for surgery. In summary, your BBL revision surgery is often more invasive and more prolonged when compared to your initial surgery.

Factors affecting your Brazilian Butt Lift Revision Recovery

Most revisions of BBL procedures do require general anesthesia. As a result, you will be required to consume anesthesia meds that will put you out of commission for a minimum of a few days. Patients requiring minimal surgical maneuvers, such as light liposuction and minimal to moderate volume transfer to the buttock, experience a speedy Brazilian Butt Lift recovery. Others requiring advanced body sculpting techniques may require a few weeks to recover. Finally, patients requiring invasive excisional surgeries such as a lateral thigh and buttock tuck may require as long as a one-month recovery process.

BBL revision surgeries patients can expect to return to physical activities within ten days to 1 month following surgery. This wide range of recovery times is premised on the extent of surgical interventions recommended. If you want to learn more about Brazilian butt lift revision, an initial evaluation is required. First, you should review the revision BBL before and after the gallery so that you can appreciate what changes are feasible. Following your initial evaluation, you will be provided a customized outline of what will be required to achieve your butt transformation. Your surgical plan will directly affect your Brazilian butt lift revision recovery.

Expediting Brazilian Butt Lift Revision Recovery

Brazilian butt lift revision recovery is routinely expedited by using a long-acting numbing medication to keep your pain levels in check for the first four days. The more active you are in the early days following surgery, the quicker your recovery will progress. This is because the movement of your muscles will help desensitize the pain nerve fibers throughout your body.

Similarly, frequent lymphatic messages performed in the early postoperative period will help patients during the Brazilian butt lift revision recovery period. The pressure applied during lymphatic massages reduces the conduction of pain nerve fibers, termed desensitization.

Suppose you are interested in expediting your Brazilian Butt Lift Revision Recovery. In that case, we encourage you to consult a cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience to determine the surgical techniques employed during your revision BBL surgery. Most patients will feel comfortable as early as a few weeks after surgery. Ultimately, the cosmetic surgery procedure planned will most affect your recovery period. Additional time for recovery should be allocated to deal with the unanticipated risk of complications. Complying with postoperative instructions is the most assured way to avoid complications and expedite recovery.

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