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Brazilian Butt Lift Revision Cost

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Please see this 43-year-old female before and after her Brazilian butt lifts revision and abdominal etching surgery.

Brazilian butt lift revision cost is determined by the surgery required to correct deformities, asymmetry, and other concerns. Several butt lift revisions are offered to patients, including isolated buttock reshaping, buttock size reduction, additional buttock augmentation, correction of the buttock to the lower back and thigh transitions, and correction of cellulite contour irregularities.

Isolated buttock reshaping can be offered to patients who have undergone prior BBL but are not satisfied with their buttock shape. The typical complaint observed in female patients is that their upper lateral buttock cheeks are too prominent, resulting in a shelf deformity.

For these patients, the fat can be removed from the upper lateral buttock region and be replaced toward the middle, lower buttock, or even the central posterior region.

The upper lateral buttock in female patients should ideally transition from the entire mid-buttock region to the more concave waistline. This procedure is considered minor in scope and can even be performed locally in some cases, thus saving you considerable fees.

Another periodic revision can include making the overall buttocks smaller. Since this involves isolating all contouring revisions to the buttocks region, buttock reduction can be done under local anesthesia only, thus saving you on Brazilian butt lift revision costs.

Additional buttock augmentation and correction of buttock transitions may require more invasive surgery. This is because additional buttock augmentation requires further fat harvesting through body liposuction.

To complicate matters, donor sites for fat may have all been tapped, thus minimizing options for virgin harvest sites. Harvest of fat from previously harvested sites is unpredictable, with the fat viability compromised. In addition, removing the fat from previously liposuctioned areas is more difficult.

Finally, revision of transition zones located over the lower back and flank require higher level contouring of areas that needed to be optimally liposuctioned and full of scars. Brazilian butt lift revision costs can be higher for patients with these concerns.

Finally, a small subset of patients is interested in improving their cellulite alone. Cellulite is created when patients gain weight and then lose it. This results in stretching out of retaining ligaments that keep the skin taut against the underlying muscles. As a result, random areas of skin looseness and skin irregularities are created, termed cellulite.

The cellulite correction is localized and thus can be typically completed under local anesthesia, thus decreasing your Brazilian butt lift revision cost. If skin redundancy is moderate-severe, then a formal butt lift, also called lateral thigh tuck, buttock tuck, or lower body lift, may be required where the upper buttock and softer back skin are excised to tuck the buttock skin up in an attempt to tighten the buttock skin and thus improve the appearance of cellulite. Tucking surgery is typically more invasive, takes longer, and is more expensive.

Facts About Brazilian Butt Lift Revision Cost

In summary, Brazilian butt lift revision costs are variable and based on the treatment modality required.

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