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Botched Inner Thigh Lipo

Botched Inner Thigh Lipo

31-year-old female patient who had high definition VASER liposuction of the inner thigh – front view

Botched Inner Thigh Lipo

31-year-old female patient who had high definition VASER liposuction of the inner thigh – front view

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If you’ve had botched inner thigh lipo, you are not alone. Unfortunately, the thighs are an area that body contouring surgeons may frequently botch.

Liposuction of the Thighs

Today, many physicians want to cash in on elective procedures such as liposuction with minimal cosmetic training. Doctors, like dermatologists, who are not surgeons, may only be dabbling in liposuction cosmetic procedures. Liposuction on any part of the body is a highly artistic procedure. A board-certified plastic or cosmetic surgeon is the best surgeon to help guide the performance of the inner thighs. Moreover, the inner thighs are a precocious region of the body plagued by skin that is too often redundant and possesses poor texture.

Many individuals seek inner thigh liposuction to get rid of extra fat on their inner thighs and bulges on their outer thighs, to improve legs that are generous in girth, to fill in hip dips, or even eliminate fat hanging off of or over their knees. Unfortunately, liposuction of the inner thighs can only minimally improve the appearance of the legs. Fat cell removal can only be performed conservatively to avoid complications resulting from loose skin. Loose skin is compounded by the poor skin texture of the upper inner thighs, which will appear worse after removing the fat deposit. In most cases, your plastic surgeon must supplement your inner thigh fat removal with eliminating skin laxity. Options to avoid botched liposuction jobs of the inner thigh involve either conservative liposuction or the supplement of a minimally invasive skin tightening tool or formal skin excision such as a medial thigh tuck.

Botched Inner Thigh Liposuction, Is There Hope?

Plastic surgeons perform thousands of cosmetic surgery treatments across the country. Liposuction, the surgical removal of undesirable fat from the body, is one of the most common surgical procedures. When done correctly, it improves the body’s shape to appear more compact and toned. While a plastic surgeon may use regular liposuction to treat a variety of parts of the body, the inner thighs are a significant source of concern for qualified surgeons. This is because the removal of fat in this region is prone to creating overlying skin irregularities. This propensity for skin irregularities follows since the skin texture over the upper inner thigh is poor and the skin redundancy generous.

It is critical to consider a skin-tightening adjunct when undergoing inner thigh liposuction. When the quality and extent of skin texture change, liposuction defects, and irregularities may be observed. Revision surgery for botched inner thigh liposuction is extremely technical, and corrective liposuction can often be associated with skin discoloration.

Addressing Botched Liposuction

While there may be many reasons this procedure turned out more like a deformity than a cosmetic improvement, the most common are:

  • The doctor is not trained as a cosmetic or plastic surgeon.
  • The surgeon has limited experience.
  • Only a surgeon cuts. Some thigh liposuction requires the removal of excess skin to avoid skin irregularities and drooping of skin along the upper inner thigh.
  • The liposuction technology used was not optimal, such as using VASER liposuction.
  • Over-aggressive fat was removed, resulting in skin abnormalities.

Revision liposuction surgery can often repair a failed liposuction procedure. To get a natural, even result, selecting a liposuction revision specialist who has experience in botched procedures is essential. Revision surgeries are more complex, take longer than the original procedure, and require an artist’s eye. In addition, they can be fraught with further complications.

When Botched Inner Thigh Lipo Happens

When people experience cosmetic surgery, errors can be emotionally exhausting since they fear being trapped forever with the consequences of their first treatment. A second opinion with another expert cosmetic or plastic surgeon may be helpful.

First, don’t play the blame game. You chose the first doctor for good reasons. At times, all doctors have less-than-perfect results. If your relationship with your doctor is not workable or you have lost confidence, recognize it’s time to move on.

Second, allow your body to fully heal so that your body resolves all swelling, and the new surgeon can see the final result.

Third, interview highly experienced surgeons who regularly perform revision surgeries. They will know what needs to be done to correct the past procedure and advise you on what you can realistically expect from the second one.

Fourth, trust the new surgeon’s advice. After all, they have done hundreds if not thousands of procedures and know what will give you your best outcome.

Recovery From Thigh Revision Surgery

As with the first treatment, protective compression garments will be worn during healing. Your revision liposuction surgeon can advise you on how many days you’ll need off work or how long you need to resume normal activities, dependent on the extent of your procedure. Your aftercare instructions and vigilance, which you will discuss before surgery, play a significant role in the outcome of revision surgery.

What’s Next? Our doctors have years of experience with cosmetic and plastic surgery, including many revision surgeries. Whether you want to discuss botched inner thigh lipo or other procedures, a personalized surgical plan will be implemented to meet your needs.

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