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Post-Bariatric Body Lift Los Angeles

Post Bariatric Body Lift
Post Bariatric Body Lift
Post-Bariatric Body Lift Los Angeles

47 year old following post bariatric surgery involving lower body lift, upper body lift, bilateral breast lift with augmentation, and abdominoplasty

Are you looking for a post-bariatric body lift in Los Angeles? This increasingly popular plastic surgery procedure provides weight loss patients with the finishing touches on their total body transformation. So how does a post-bariatric body lift in Los Angeles involve?

What is in a Total Body Lift?

The total body lift is an extensive combination of plastic surgery procedures designed to eliminate excess skin from head to toe in a 360-degree fashion. If you go to an experienced body contouring master, they can usually treat the entire body in one operating period to significantly reduce recovery time and surgical fees.

A total body lift for a patient who has severe skin redundancy everywhere may include the following: upper body lift to remove upper back skin and fat deposits, breast lift with or without implants, full tummy tuck with or without muscle repair, lower body lift, outer thigh lift, buttock lift, arm lift, and a medial thigh tuck. These excisional surgeries are intended to eliminate loose skin throughout the body.

While surgical excisions will eliminate loose skin, the sheer length of excision lines results in patient concern regarding the appearance of incision scars. You are encouraged to look through the body contouring galleries of SurgiSculpt surgeons to appreciate optimized incision line repair techniques utilized in eliminating extra skin.

First, the incisions are hidden where ever possible. For example, tummy and butt tuck incision lines are hidden in your bikini line. The upper body lift, which intends to remove both loose skin and fatty tissues along the upper and middle back, is positioned in the bra line. Next, the visible incision lines are strategically positioned to enhance natural junction lines. For example, the lower body lift scar can highlight and frame the buttock like the patient seen in this blog.

Finally, a strict postoperative regimen is advocated to facilitate optimal healing. Incision lines will typically heal to 60% of their maturation healing at three months and to 80% maturation at half a year.

Suppose you are looking for post-bariatric surgery in Los Angeles but would like to speak with a high-definition body contouring expert. Please contact us today for a free virtual consultation with SurgiSculpt.

Body Lift Los Angeles on 47-year-old female following post-bariatric surgery involving lower body lift, upper body lift, bilateral breast lift with augmentation, and abdominoplasty. Please note that a full body contour surgical plan following a total body lift improves the body contour throughout.

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