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BBL Revision Policy

BBL Revision Policy
BBL Revision Policy

Please see this 45-year-old female patient’s thighs demonstrating improved lateral thigh and buttock contour following adherence to our strict BBL revision policy.

Suppose you are interested in a BBL revision. In that case, we urge you to contact our office so that we can prepare you early by reviewing our BBL revision policy and ensuring that you are optimized for surgery. Our BBL revision policy is stringent and dedicated to avoiding potential risk factors that can lead to an unsuccessful BBL result. To begin with, patients must optimize their nutrition to ensure that they are in an anabolic state during the early recovery period. In an anabolic state, newly transferred fat cells can be provided appropriate nutrition to help support them through this vulnerable period where transferred fat tissues have been displaced from their routine resting place. In the immediate period of fat transfer, the fat cells are deprived of nutrients until a blood supply gets established. As such, all efforts should be made to optimize nourishing the fat cells to prevent fat cells from starving.

Our next BBL revision policy makes attempts to obtain your prior surgery report. Knowledge of which areas have undergone liposuction and the technique used for the liposuction are critical to achieving optimal BBL revision results. SurgiSculpt will attempt to remove the fat cells from areas not previously liposuctioned, as these fat cells are typically not likely to have been previously injured. In some circumstances, following Smart liposuction, the fat cells may be permanently injured and not usable for fat transfer.

BBL revision policy ensures that your blood count is normalized before surgery. This is because BBL revision requires liposuction and fat harvest from areas that have previously undergone liposuction. In general, areas that have been previously liposuctioned will be ridden with scar tissue. Performing liposuction of scarred soft tissues will routinely result in more blood loss. As a result, all BBL revision patients are evaluated for their blood count, expressed by measuring hemoglobin levels. When hemoglobin levels are low, patients are placed on iron pills early in the preoperative period to correct low blood counts well before surgery.

Healthcare providers performing BBL revision must have strict policies to avoid adverse events.

This includes assessing adipose tissue distribution and tallying the volume of fat available not previously liposuctioned. Since repeat liposuction will be planned, it is important to accommodate extra skin. When skin redundancy is minimal to moderate, Renuvion J plasma may be implemented. When skin redundancy is moderate to severe, skin excision may be employed. When good fat is not present, patients may even consider butt implants. A consultation with a BBL revision specialist is essential to establish to sound surgical plan to complete a successful BBL revision surgery.

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