Why is VASER liposuction ideal for BBL?

Why is VASER liposuction ideal for BBL

Let us answer why is VASER liposuction ideal for BBL. The single fat cell molecule can range from 50 microns to 4000 microns. This wide range in size exists because of fat cell physiology and how it relates to weight gain. When you are a young child and even a teenager, weight gain translates to an increase in fat cell numbers. However, as you get older, weight gain is associated with an increase in fat cell size and not an increase in fat cell number. This is why fat cells can range from 50 microns to as large as 4mm in diameter. Variation in fat cell size has two important consequences. The first is that the smaller the fat cells, the higher the graft takes. For example, fat cells that measure less than 600 microns have a hundred percent graft take. In contrast, cells that measure >1200 microns may have a more difficult time. There are two reasons for the inverse relation between graft size and take. The first is that the larger the cell, the larger the cell surface-to-volume ratio which limits the ability for the cell to establish blood flow following transplantation.

Cell Size

The second is that the larger the cell, the more likely it will be mechanically damaged during the harvest process since the cells must be able to squeeze through cannula holes that measure less than 3 to 4mm. Another important consideration is that smaller fat cells are more resilient and able to withstand the transplant process. The smallest fat cells are considered precursor cells, called preadipocytes, and undifferentiated, with lower cell activity, making them able to survive a hardship such as surgery.

Fat Retention

When you consider that traditional liposuction removes clumps of fat, the transplant process becomes even more compromised by the fact that you now have larger clumps of fat cells trying to re-establish vascular access. Typically, the cells located on the periphery of the fat clump will survive, but cells located deeper in the fat cell globule end up dying and being reabsorbed. This is why a search of fat graft volume retention following transfer to the buttock, i.e. Brazilian butt lift, is often cited as being only 60%. This means that nearly half of the buttock volume can be lost based on patient testimonials. In contrast, VASER-assisted liposuction utilizes ultrasound energy that cavitates fat cells from clumps into single-cell fat units. The advantage of harvesting and transferring single fat cells is that they are less likely to be injured while traveling through the small cannula holes.

In addition, the surface-to-volume ratio is minimized and thus revascularization potential is maximized. We have observed Brazilian buttock lift volume retention percentages nearing 90+% and thus more efficacious than percentages when performed with traditional liposuction.

Conclusion to Why is VASER Liposuction Ideal for BBL?

In summary, VASER liposuction is ideal for BBL for multiple reasons. To learn more about why VASER liposuction is ideal for BBL, book a consultation with one of the SurgiSculpt consultants

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