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Breast Augmentation Revision Cost

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Please appreciate this 65year old female who underwent breast augmentation revision, breast lift, and mini-tummy tuck to complete her mommy makeover surgery.

Surgery cost is determined by the surgery that is designated to correct your breast contour concerns following primary breast augmentation. The list of reasons why patients seek breast augmentation revision include:

  1. Wanting larger breasts
  2. Wanting smaller breasts
  3. Wanting their breasts lifted
  4. Correct breast firmness/deformity (capsular contracture
  5. Correct breast lateralization
  6. Correct breast asymmetry
  7. Removal of breast implants due to breast implant illness syndrome
  8. Replacing implants that have ruptured

The above reasons for breast augmentation revision require various maneuvers for correction that can include a combination of implant removals and replacements, capsule modifications, breast pocket alteration, and breast lift procedures. Breast augmentation revision cost is determined by whether your implants are under warrantee or whether you need to pay for your new set.

Current implants warranties are for 10 years to treat capsular contracture and lifetime for implant ruptures.  If your implants are under warranty you will typically not only get a free pair of new implants but also receive a few thousand dollars to cover the cost of surgery.

Average Breast Augmentation Revision Cost

The baseline cost for implant replacements is approximately 5k to 7k$. If you need to alter your capsule in any way, this will increase the cost to 7k to 9k$.

If you need a simultaneous lift then your breast augmentation revision cost will be increased to 9k to 12k$. If you have any complaints regarding your breasts following primary breast augmentation, we encourage you to make a consultation with SurgiSculpt.

Following your initial consultation, you will receive your personalized breast augmentation revision cost worksheet. Our staff will assist you to obtain warranted implants and secure surgical expenses from the various breast implant companies. Although SurgiSculpt prefers to use Natrelle implants from Allergan, he can replace your implants if they are warranted under Mentor, Sientra or Ideal Implant corporations.

Breast augmentation revision Evaluation

The specifics regarding your breast augmentation can only be determined by appreciating the specifics of your surgical procedure. Implant size and style must be determined only after considering what size change you desire following your initial breast augmentation. Your surgeon will also ask for details regarding your initial surgery and previous surgeries. Finally, you will be educated on what you should expect for your recovery period based on your treatment plan.

Breast Augmentation Revision Cost

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