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Boob Job to Fix Operated Looking Breasts

Boob Job to Fix Operated Looking Breasts
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Boob’s job to fix operated looking breasts requires proper planning to eliminate causes of the operated look. In order to eliminate the undesirable factors, we must acknowledge the factors first. After identification of these factors, your surgeon will customize a boob job to fix operated looking breasts.

The first reason for the operated looking breasts is a sharp breast implant outline. This will appear as a sharp demarcation of the breast implant and chest junction making the breasts look fake. This sharp outline is created by two side effects. The first involves choosing an implant that is too large.

Choosing a larger implant will tend to push the skin of the chest aggressively that causes this visible differential of a stretched out breast skin contrasting on the loose chest skin. 

The second involves the placement of your breast implant above the muscle which will create a breast implant contour that is more visible than when the implant is placed behind the muscle. The final involves the creation of scar tissue around the implant, termed capsular contracture, which results in the appearance of a firm breast mound contrasting against the native chest. 

The second cause of the operated looking breasts is a nipple and areola that is not centered on the newly created breast mound. This suboptimal look is created when a patient is offered a breast augmentation with an implant that is too large for her nipple and areola position. This can be explained by considering that the implant must sit on the inframammary crease.

In addition, the center of the implant must be positioned on your nipple and areola. These two rules then help define the ideal implant size that should possess an implant radius that is equal to your inframammary crease to nipple distance. When patients are offered implants that have a radius larger than this, then the center of the implant will fall above the nipple complex thus resulting in an unnatural result with upper breast pole that is disproportionate to the rest of the breast.

The boob job to correct operated looking breasts requires addressing all of the concerns above. This will include choosing an implant that is well proportioned, replacing the implant from above the muscle to under the muscle, and removing a thickened capsule if it has formed.

Furthermore, the nipple and areola must be repositioned to an appropriate high position by virtue of a breast lift. This maneuver is also critical to ensure proper breast mound positioning and shaping to achieve stunning results.

A 54-year-old female patient underwent a boob job to correct operated-looking breasts.

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