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BBL Price

BBL Price
BBL Price
BBL Price

33-year-old female after considering BBL price. Please appreciate the buttock fullness and contour created with a BBL

Introduction to BBL Price

Today, your BBL price is most affected by the amount of planned rather than the re-injection volume of the fat back into the buttocks. Using a closed-loop system allows up-to-date surgeons to expedite the reintroduction of fat back into the buttocks. This is in contrast to conventional BBL grafting techniques that utilize an assortment of handheld syringes to inject the fat back into your body. The syringe technique for grafting fat is arduous and results in unnecessary delays. Unnecessary delays translate to higher BBL prices. The bulk of surgical time required for a BBL is determined by the time required to harvest the fat since the fat reinjection can be completed in a few minutes regardless of the transferred volumes.

Performance of BBLs traditionally required relatively proportionate duration of operative time for harvesting and re-injection. However, the more advanced closed-loop fat harvesting and injection techniques have allowed surgeons to expedite the latter phase. There is one caveat to this conclusion in that the larger the desired BBL volume, the more fat will be required for harvest and, thus, the longer the cosmetic procedure. Ultimately, the average cost of a BBL procedure depends on the scope of the desired Brazilian Butt Lift and body contouring procedure.

Conventional BBL Technique affecting BBL Price

Traditionally, fat was harvested using traditional liposuction using a tumescent-only technique. This cosmetic procedure could be arduous and take several hours to complete. The fat would be collected into a canister and then cleansed in an open-air sieve. The processing steps would remove pro-inflammatory blood products and the fluid or aspirate. Following irrigation of the fat with antibiotic solution, the fat would be transferred into an assortment of handheld syringes that could be used to inject fat back into the buttocks region in small aliquots of 60cc. This traditional technique would require the placement of fat into 25 to 50 separate syringes depending on the volume of fat transfer desired. All of these steps prolonged surgery and affected your regardless of the expertise of the staff or the surgery center where the surgery was performed.

Advanced BBL Technique affecting BBL Price

Today, fat harvest techniques have advanced to implement a proprietary closed-loop system. Closed loop systems provide several advantages to conventional BBL surgeries. Regardless of your body type or the scope of your surgical procedure, your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery will benefit from a safer and more efficient fat collection, processing, and reinjection protocol. The closed-loop system involves harvesting, processing, and reinjecting the fat needed using a single, sterile canister that avoids exposure to the outside air and the potential for contamination and subsequent infection. More important to affecting your BBL cost is that the reinjection of fat minimizes the traditional 1 to 2 hours of operative time to only 5 to 10 minutes.

Minimizing operative time allows us to keep your BBL price to a minimum. This is because the BBL price is most affected by the operative time. Operative times directly affect your anesthesia fees and facility fees. Even your surgeon’s fees, although not directly dictated by operative times, are similarly affected by the labor and complexity of your cosmetic surgery. Skilled surgeons or experienced surgeons may have higher surgeon fees. Additional costs include your preoperative clearance, laboratory costs, pharmacies such as your pain medications, and costs incurred during your recovery period.

BBL Price Conclusion

Specifically, your BBL price is most affected by the time required to harvest fat and simultaneously complete your body contouring goals. The amount of fat harvested is affected by the fat needed to achieve your BBL goals and accomplish a 360-degree or circumferential contouring outcome.

Suppose you are interested in receiving a BBL price. In that case, we encourage you to make a virtual consultation during which we can evaluate your goals and the extent of to achieve your body sculpting goals. If you require revision liposuction, such as in corrective surgeries, your BBL cost will be higher. This is because your soft tissues will have more scar tissue making the more difficult and prolonged.

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