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Arm Lift Before And After

brachioplasty patient 9 left view
orange county brachioplasty newport beach patient 9 right

Please appreciate this arm lift before and after the outcome of a 49-year-old female.

Arm lift before and after outcomes should be evaluated carefully to appreciate how patients may achieve excellent outcomes. Arm lift surgery can be performed with liposuction only, liposuction and Renuvion, or liposuction and skin excision, i.e., Brachioplasty, depending on the excess skin. All patients will have their pockets of fat reduced if not eliminated.

Patients with minimal loose arm skin are best treated with liposuction alone. Patients with minimal to moderate excess arm skin will benefit from liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening. Both of these options benefit from avoiding an arm incision. Finally, patients with severe skin redundancy are best treated with a combination of liposuction followed by surgical skin excision. As you can appreciate, upper arm skin influences the procedure of choice.

The postoperative photographs of Brachioplasty patients should demonstrate significant improvement in arm contour with or without an underarm incision line that is well hidden on the undersurface of the arm. To make up for the presence of an incision, arm lift before and after photographs undergoing a brachioplasty procedure will demonstrate the correction of severe underarm fullness. Finally, many patients undergoing arm lifts will undergo other body contouring procedures.

Timing of Before and After arm lift Photographs

After the procedure, patients will return for regular check-ups in the first few days to optimize their recovery instructions. We’ll monitor incision dressings to prevent infections and advise avoiding heavy lifting for weeks. Those with significant weight loss will receive counseling on maintaining their goal weight and a healthy lifestyle. Typically, postoperative photos are taken as early as three months after surgery. Brachioplasty patients should return at least one year later for the arm lift scar to naturally fade.

Evaluation of Arm Lift Before and After Photos

In summary, when evaluating before and after photographs, it is critical to appreciate the degree of underarm fullness concerning fat and skin, which will dictate the optimal treatment plan.

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