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4D Liposuction

4D Liposuction

This is a 31-year-old female three months after ultra high definition liposuction of the abdomen and flanks along with Renuvion J plasma treatment to promote skin contraction.

What is 4D Liposuction?

4D liposuction refers to high-definition outcomes that portray anatomically correct muscle shapes and positioning in both the static and active states. As such, 4d liposuction must employ fat cell removal to enhance accurate muscle tone in a dynamic state. A dynamic state describes how muscles are not static entities but rather in continual motion. Today, creating anatomically correct, dynamic muscle shapes have been refined in the chest, abdominal, and buttocks muscles.

The Premise Behind 4D Liposuction

In the 4D liposuction surgical procedure, the plastic surgeon is able to perform fat removal unlike traditional liposuction cosmetic procedures. in fact, 4D liposuction is even more extreme than Hi-Def liposuction, which strives to create superior contouring results. The goal of high definition liposuction is to perform liposuction in a 360 degree fashion, comprehensive fat removal that results in the appearance of six-pack abs, and sculpting performed to stay true to gender specific aesthetics. Patients often expect to achieve an athletic appearance that they can maintain with a healthy diet and and active lifestyle.

4D liposuction strives to create anatomically correct morphology of specific muscle groups that fluctuate in shape based on their motion and positioning. Whether your muscles are performing daily activities or strenuous activities their shape does alter. These muscle groups include the chest, abdomen, and buttock muscles. Advanced techniques and artistic considerations are required to achieve dynamically appropriate muscle morphology. 

4D liposuction of the Chest Muscles

The pectoralis muscle of the chest must be sculpted when the arms are in an anatomically appropriate position, for example when you are standing. This is because you will be observed by most people when you are naturally functioning and standing versus when you are sleeping and lying down. Today, the ideal shape of the male chest should mimic an armor plate appearance that is flat yet bold.

This means improving the shape of the chest by creating a pentagonal-bordered muscle mass that is linear and bold. This shape of the pectoralis muscle will mimic a plateau with high borders but with a central flattening. Specifically, 4D liposuction is achieved by debulking the central chest region surrounding the nipple and areola and, less often, the anterior axilla, the upper lateral border of the chest.

In contrast, the central vertical border of the chest is bulked by reintroducing fat cells by injecting them back into the pectoralis muscles. By reintroducing fat tissues back as a central vertical pillar on each side of your sternum, a sternal gulley is created to create an aesthetically desirable sternal line. In addition, the medial and lower chest wall is grafted to create a bold lower border that is linear instead of rounded. Transforming the medial lower border of the pectoralis muscle from a rounded feminine appearance to a more masculine armor plate appearance is the goal of 4d liposuction of the chest.

In summary, when sculpting the chest in men, it is essential to remove fatty tissues strategically to create an anatomically correct pectoralis muscle shape in a dynamic state. As discussed above, the chest must be sculpted with the arms not at 90 degrees which is the conventional position of the patient’s arms when on the operating room table, but at 45 degrees. This is because the natural position of the arms when standing is 45 degrees to the body. As such, 4D liposuction of the chest should be done with the arms positioned at 45 degrees to mimic the normal posture of the standing male.

4D liposuction of the Abdominal Muscles

The ultimate goal of abdominal body contouring is to create four-packs for women and six-packs for men. Very few people can achieve this pinnacle in appearance that requires an outright devotion to aggressive and frequent focused abdominal training. Focused abdominal workouts will typically include performing crunches and straight leg lifts. In addition, you have to watch what you eat since abdominal muscle definition will only be apparent if you have a low body fat percentage of less than 5%.

In reality, achieving abdominal muscle definition on your own is extremely difficult. Even athletic individuals dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and strict diet will acknowledge that they must starve themselves to get close to less than 5 % body fat. As a result, most mortal individuals never achieve the desired “packs.” Fortunately, today you can achieve this prized abdominal contour with a modest lifestyle and diet plan after only a four-hour 4D Liposuction surgery.

In summary, the abdominal muscles can be sculpted best when the surgeon sculptor stays true to the actual abdominal rectus muscle shape. This means that you must consider the muscle in its resting, static state and active, dynamic state. Fat deposits can be removed using VASER lipo which utilizes ultrasonic energy. Ultrasound energy increases selective superficial and deep fat tissue removal accuracy and control. This advantage of VASER liposuction is integral in sculpting the abdominal rectus muscles.

When contouring the abdominal muscles, i.e., the rectus muscles, the final etching of the muscles is always completed towards the end of the surgery, with the patient breathing and contracting their muscles. In this manner, the motion of the muscles is observed while carving out the final touches.

4D Liposuction of the Buttocks Muscles

The final application of 4d liposuction is that of the main buttock muscles, the gluteus maximus. The gluteus muscle helps stabilize the torso to the legs so that you can go from sitting to standing and is integral to walking and running movements. The 4D liposuction of the buttocks is performed by acknowledging the variable contour of the buttocks while in a static and dynamic state with special consideration of gender-specific differences.

The male’s gluteus muscle shape and overlying gluteus contour should look like a butterfly with upper and lower wings separated by a well-defined lateral gluteal depression. This is accomplished by fat grafting the upper wing of the buttocks cheek into the gluteus medius, which wraps around the upper lateral hip and buttocks and the lower wing along the lower lateral buttocks. This appearance creates a squared-off appearance of the buttocks.

In contrast, in the female patient, the ideal buttocks cheek shape should be full and rounded with effacement of the lateral gluteal depression. This is accomplished by fat grafting throughout the entire buttock soft tissues including the lateral gluteal depression which eliminates the lateral hip dip and allows for maximizing the hourglass figure.

4D Liposuction Conclusion

In summary, 4D liposuction describes the ultra-high definition sculpting technique that allows for very high-end etching of the muscles. 4d liposuction is more complex than traditional liposuction since it defines an advanced technology in body sculpting. The advanced form of removing pockets of fat allows for the natural unveiling of muscular definition, such as abdominal etching. VASER 4d Lipo is made possible by ultrasonic energy that can accurately and selectively remove fat pockets. Excess skin must be accommodated by supplementing liposuction techniques with skin-tightening maneuvers.

4D liposuction allows for contour line highlights that consider motion-driven muscle shape changes and gender-specific differences. When 4D liposuction is performed, patients can expect outcomes superior to expected high-definition liposuction results.


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