Increase in Brazilian Buttock Lifts in California

Increase in Brazilian Buttock Lifts in California

See the transformation of a woman's butt post-Brazilian Buttock Lift in California.
See the transformation of a woman’s butt post-Brazilian Buttock Lift in California.
Before and after photos of a tummy tuck procedure.
Before and after photos of a tummy tuck procedure.
Before and after photos of a tummy tuck in California.
Before and after photos of a tummy tuck in California.

Why is there an increase in Brazilian Buttock Lifts in California

There has been a recent increase in Brazilian Buttock lifts (BBLs) performed in California. You may be thinking, “Why are Brazilian Buttock Lifts on the rise in California?” The are multiple answers. The reasons for the recent increase in California Brazilian Buttock Lift surgeries stems from emergency action taken by the Florida state board this month as well as the recent increased interest in the “Skinny BBL” popularized in California.

What emergency action in Florida?

An emergency action was announced this month in Florida. The reason stems from concerns about higher death rates following Brazilian Buttock lifts performed in Florida over the last year and a half. As a result, the Florida State Board implemented an emergency action placing two demands on Florida surgeons.

The first demand was to limit the number of Brazilian Buttock Lifts to 3 per day per surgeon. This is because surgeon fatigue was found to be a factor in observations of fat emboli that can result in patient demise. It has been presumed that surgeon fatigue may lead to suboptimal grafting techniques resulting from a worn-out arm and attention! Unfortunately, if fat is inadvertently grafted into the gluteus maximus muscle, then it can result in pulmonary emboli and subsequent death. Although the grafting of fat into the muscle was outlawed in 2019, it is a theoretical possibility when performing fat grafting. When you consider that many Florida surgeons were routinely performing up to or more than 10 Brazilian Buttock lifts per day, with this most recent action, it becomes evident that there would be an immediate backlog of BBL cases developing. This means that patients desiring BBL surgeries will either have to wait or have their surgeries performed in another state.

What is SCUBA?

Another reason for increased interest in BBLs in California stems from the recommendations made by the Florida board to use ultrasound technology to visualize where the fat is being grafted. It has been presumed that using ultrasound during the BBL, will minimize the risk of inadvertent fat transfer into the muscle since the fat placement can be visualized by the surgeon. This recommendation is in line with the Instagram platform, Southern California Ultrasound assisted Buttock Augmentation, i.e. SCUBA. This popular Instagram profile is dedicated to the safety of BBLs in patients desiring fat transfer to the buttocks by minimizing the risk of fat emboli.

What is a skinny BBL?

A final draw for patients desiring a Brazilian Buttock lift in California has been the popularization of the ‘Skinny BBL”. The Skinny BBL conveys a buttock augmentation size and shape that is more in line with the body of an athletic female build. The Skinny BBL requires two unique criteria to be met.

The first component consists of the creation of lateral hips that are rounded yet not overly filled. This means creating an hourglass shape that is proportionate and harmonious with a snatched waist and not one that looks heavy as described by a Bubble Butt. The second component of the Skinny BBL is a buttock projection that is full over the upper, middle central buttock. The creation of this buttock projection style denotes an athletic buttock appearance that is consistent with a strong and bulky gluteus maximus muscle. This buttock projection is best described by the JLO butt and is typically seen in athletes and dancers. Californians’ propensity for spending an inordinate amount of time outdoors and being more exercise-conscious has led to more clients desiring an athletic look that is harmonious with a Skinny BBL. This propensity for a Skinny BBL popularized in California has led patients from all over the country to travel to California for their BBL surgeries.

Conclusion: Why is there an increase in Brazilian Buttock Lifts in California?

In summary, The Brazilian Butt Lift has become more popular in California for several reasons. First, there has been an increase in the incidence of complications relating to fat emboli in the state of Florida. The second is because of a specialized protocol, called SCUBA. SCUBA is an acronym that describes buttock augmentation performed using ultrasound. The SCUBA acronym stands for Safe California Ultrasound assisted Buttock Augementation. Finally, California has been associated with smaller and assumed safer volumes of fat transfer. If you are interested in having a BBL performed in California, we encourage you to contact our office for a consultation.

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