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Free BBL with Lipo 360

Free BBL with Lipo 360
Please see this 40-year-old female who took advantage of our offer.

SurgiSculpt surgeons provide jaw-dropping and stunning results by using Lipo 360. Three hundred sixty degrees of liposuction entails fat removal from the patient’s front and back and all the way around. In addition, the fat is removed comprehensively and safely from all problem areas. With 360 liposuctions, SurgiSculpt surgeons can strategically contour and sculpt the patient’s entire body. That’s why you should use the Free BBL with Lipo 360.

Lipo 360 removes about 40% more fat than traditional liposuction, making it much more effective in harvesting fat in athletic and thin patients who desire a BBL. SurgiSculpt surgeons strive to create a perfect 9 or 10 by using his High Definition Liposuction Body Scale and Surgical Algorithm when sculpting your body.

When fat is removed, it can either be discarded or strategically transferred back to the body. Many find that buttock fullness is a desirable body feature. Specifically, SurgiSculpt surgeons routinely remove the fat from 360 lipo and reposition the fat in the buttocks, coined a BBL.

SurgiSculpt surgeons emphasize aesthetics and, more importantly, safety. SurgiSculpt surgeons adhere to the highest safety standards dictated by the Safe California Ultrasound-assisted Buttock Augmentation (SCUBA).

SCUBA utilizes ultrasound-assisted guidance to direct fat cannulas used to inject the fat. This modification is critical because fat injection into the muscle is forbidden as it is associated with the detrimental risk of fat emboli. SurgiSculpt has created a proprietary cannula that illuminates and guides him during fat transfer under ultrasound.

The modified fat grafting cannula minimizes the risk of fat emboli occurrence. In addition, our doctors have created the Brazilian Buttock Lift Assessment tool, which maximizes patient satisfaction.

Free BBL with Lipo 360

Each patient has goals and vision for what they want their buttock to look like. The buttock assessment tool allows BBL patients to communicate their desired buttock shape and volume to their surgeon. SurgiSculpt is offering a free BBL for a limited time, as he can use the harvested fat from your lipo to create magic!

SurgiSculpt surgeons employ a closed-loop system for fat transfers. A closed-loop fat harvest and transfer system allows for expedited collection and reinjection of fat.

In addition, the collected fat is not exposed to the outside environment, thus minimizing the risk of contamination and infection.

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