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How Does Your BBL Shape Change With Aging?

Introduction: How does your BBL shape change with aging?

Similar to your face, your butt is affected by hormonal and gravitational changes throughout your lifetime. So how does your BBL Shape Change With Aging?

Teenage years (13 to 19 years old)

When you hit your teens, your hormones will kick in and you will notice the growth of your breasts, hips, and buttocks. This is due to the hormone estrogen which peaks at this age and causes hyper-growth of fat. This growth of the breasts, hips, and buttocks results in more curves and a change in your physique from a boyish shape to a young lady. You may also notice zits on your butt just like you do on your face. This again is due to hyperactive oil glands that live around your hair follicles that then get infected causing you to have folliculitis, or infection of your follicles. You can treat these zits with benzoyl peroxide cleanser, scrubs, and antibiotics just as you do your facial zits. Now get ready for your 20’s and see how your BBL Shape Change With Aging

AGE 20 to 29 years old

Throughout your 20’s you will still have the benefit of your estrogen peak which will continue to fill your BBL and make it larger. Interestingly, since your testosterone levels are still high, you will have a firm BBL. This is especially true if you stay physically active and maintain strong muscles.

AGE 30 to 39 years old

This decade is a transitional one where you can lose it all or you can cruise through with a glamorous butt shape. This is because both your estrogen and testosterone hormones will be decelerating. You either use it or you will lose it. How your butt shape will look depends on your effort. Those of you who perform squats will continue to turn heads. Those of you who become sedentary will start losing your rump.

AGE 40 to 49 years of age

As your estrogen and testosterone levels start to really sink, you will start off with BBL sagging and deflation. You may notice that your BBL is still acceptable but definitely less perky and a little saggy. You may even start noticing the early signs of cellulite. Ugh! This is your wake-up call to start going to the gym and optimizing your eating habits. You are going to make an effort to stay in shape. You may consider a Brazilian BBL lift based on your genetics and fitness level especially if you have noticed a loss of BBL volume that will result in the loss of your feminine curves.

AGE 50 to 59

This decade is unfortunately most regarded for that dreaded work, Menopause! Your hormones will tank and you will require hormone replacement therapy. Your BBL will lose volume and become flat. Additionally, your testosterone void will make you lose muscle mass. Both of these conditions will make your BBL skin redundant and saggy. If you have not had a BBL yet, most women can surely benefit from a little augmentation. If you have observed extreme deflation, you may also consider a BBL tuck. This is when the BBL skin is cut out and tightened using a strategic incision placed along your G-String.

AGE 60 to 69 years of age

If you are still interested in keeping your body optimized and sporting a nice butt, you will likely have to turn to your local plastic surgeon. Patients in this decade routinely undergo both a BBL augmentation and simultaneous lift procedure. The BBL augmentation, called a BBL, will allow you to harvest your fat from your entire body and transfer it to your BBL and hips. The lifting procedure will most likely require an excision of skin redundancy along the upper BBL.

Conclusion: How does your BBL shape change with aging?

In summary, BBL shape does change with age. This is indicated by the discussion above of changing buttock shapes based on the decade of life. If you are interested in a BBL but unsure of the most appropriate shape, we encourage you to make a consultation with a SurgiSculpt surgeon today.

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