How Does Religion Affect Desired BBL Shape and Size

How Does Religion Affect Desired BBL Shape and Size

The Brazilian Buttock Lift

The BBL is an essential feature of the female silhouette. This has led to the rise of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) as one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in recent years. Despite the popularity of this BBL reshaping and augmentation procedure, there remains no prevailing standard for the ideal BBL size and shape. In fact, we have observed a wide range of preferred BBL size and shapes amongst our patients. Brazilian Butt Lift goals can be subjective with respect to size and shape desired that may be affected by religion. This discovery was made following a survey of 422 patients who were stratified by their preferred religious preference that included Christians and/or Catholics, Jewish, and Muslims. Patients universally preferred the maximum fullness in the mid butt regardless of religious preference. However, Muslims statistically preferred smaller mid butt to waistline widths when compared to patients with other religious preferences. 

The tool determines desired BBL shape (upper, middle, lower pole maximum fullness) and BBL size (waist to hip width ratio) in the PA (posterior anterior) views. 

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BBL width when viewed from the back

The chart reiterates the preference for Muslim patients desiring more conservative BBL to waistline widths as demonstrated below.

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In summary, our findings demonstrated that religion can be a factor in BBL size preferences. Specifically, Muslim women desire a smaller BBL more than any other religious followings. This finding is also understandable as Islam patients take on a more conservative stance when compared to other religions. This statement is backed by religious and cultural values influencing women to wear birkas to camouflage their contour lines. Prior studies have indicated this modesty in Muslim women. 

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