High Definition Liposuction Gender Specific Differences

High Definition Liposuction Gender Specific Differences

High Definition Liposuction Gender Specific Differences

High definition liposuction gender specific differences are numerous and begin with a description of 360 liposuction. This is because differences in gender aesthetics extend from the front to the side and even the back sides. Male and female differences are several. in men, the contour lines are straight lines and transitions are tight. In contrast, in women, contour lines are curved and transitions are smooth.

What does 360 liposuction mean?

360 liposuction refers to comprehensive and strategic fat removal from all prominent areas of the body to create a harmonious male and female physique from all anatomical angles. This is accomplished through cavitation of fat cells with ultrasound technology administered through a solid straight probe (VASER ie Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance). VASER emulsifies the fat before liposuction and allows for the superficial and deep layer of fat to be uniformly removed during a patient’s body contouring procedure. The outcome is an unveiling of muscle highlights, maximum waistline definition, and increased viability of individual fat cells when fat grafting to areas like the chest, buttocks, and/or lateral hips.

Are there gender specific differences in high definition body contouring?

Anatomically speaking, males and females are vastly different in their proportions and lateral profiles. Males are characterized by prominent and generous backs that provide a linear and “V-shaped” contour line, while females are characterized by exaggerated curves and smooth transitions between the waist and buttocks. Our goal at Surgisculpt is to provide natural, yet dramatic body contouring results for our patients. Gender specific nuances must be taken into careful consideration during their transformational procedures.

How do gender specific differences guide high definition liposuction?

With body contouring gender nuances as our guide, Surgisculpt surgeons who perform our high definition VASER liposuction are skilled in clearly identifying the parameters necessary for creating tailored contour transitions. The process begins with having detailed preoperative markings and incorporating our novel HD vertical axillary line protocol. Our HD vertical axillary line protocol at Surgisculpt involves a vertical line drawn from the armpit or axilla and extended down to the midpoint of the lateral thigh. This “midpoint” is defined by measuring the halfway point just under the buttock region while the patient stands sideways or in a lateral stance. It can be further defined by the axillary folds that are located along the anterior aspect of the armpit and posterior aspect of the armpit, termed anterior HD vertical axillary line and the posterior HD vertical axillary line, respectively.

What are the female specific differences for high definition liposuction?

The anterior axillary line is chosen for females who will want to maximize the debulking of their waistline girth, creating exaggerated curves and what has been coined as the, “snatched” waist. To maximally reduce waistline girth, the anterior axillary line is chosen in females to increase the area that will be debulked from the back. This is because 80% of waistline fat bulk is removed from the backside where access to the lower back and flanks are maximized. By utilizing the anterior axillary line, the boundary of the lower back and flank is expanded so that it can be safely treated with ultrasound and subsequent liposuction so that fat removal is maximized.

What are the male specific differences for high definition liposuction?

In contrast, male patients desire a more generous lower back and flank volume that provides the appearance of a more linear, fuller lateral contour line. This is because male patients, in contrast to female patients, desire a strong show of external oblique muscles that span the region of the waistline. As such, placement of the vertical axillary line posteriorly will ensure that more conservative fat removal is undertaken, thus avoiding the propensity for a more concave and feminine curve.

Conclusion: High Definition Liposuction Gender Specific Differences

In summary, high definition liposcution gender-specific differences are several. By acknowledging the differences in male and female proportions and lateral profiles, superior body contouring outcomes through ultrasound-assisted liposuction can be achieved. If you are interested in high definition liposuction gender-specific differences, please make a consultation with our surgical providers

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