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Breast Implant Augmentation

A woman's breast before and after Breast Implant surgery.
3-months post surgery – left lateral view
A woman's breast before and after Breast Implant surgery.
3-months post surgery – right lateral view
A woman's breast before and after breast implant augmentation.
3-months post surgery – right view

A woman's breast before and after undergoing breast augmentation with the use of breast implants.
3-months post surgery – left view
A woman's breast before and after Breast Implant surgery.
3-months post surgery – front view
High definition breast implant augmentation and body contouring.
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breast implant augmentation

Breast implant augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery to enhance or restore the size and shape of your breasts. This procedure also achieves a more full and youthful breast shape and improve your breast size asymmetry.
Breast implant augmentation can use either silicone or saline breast implants to increase the fullness and projection of your breasts. In enhancing your breast appearance, it may also enhance your self-confidence. It should be noted that for severely drooping breasts, a breast lift may be required along with your desired breast augmentation to have fuller and lifted-looking breasts. You should consult with your board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

Speaking from the perspective of an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and breast augmentation specialist, the principles of the breast implant augmentation procedure are as follows.
SurgiSculpt surgeons recommend using smooth-shelled implants. The smooth-shelled implants do not get stuck, as this issue is noted in textured implants. The smooth-shelled implants slide down your breasts as you age, giving you a natural look. Textured implants should be avoided. Textured implants result in many women having a lymphoma scare, ALCL.
Another important aspect of breast augmentation focuses on implant placement. The breast implant placement needs to be located on the inframammary crease. This placement supports the implant and prevents the implant from falling, also known as bottoming out. The placement of the implant must be centered on your nipple and areola complex.

This center placement ensures that the Nipple Areolar Complex (NAC) is located at the apex of your breast mound. The breast implant must be placed using an inframammary crease approach. This approach is the quickest, most reproducible, gives the least disruption of glands, and does not create an artifact with a mammogram. The inframammary crease is the only incision used for patients desiring a redo.
If you are considering breast implants, please discuss your options and goals with your board-certified plastic surgeon. It is important to understand what augmentation surgery involves.
SurgiSculpt surgeons are breast specialists that can happily assist you with breast implant augmentation surgery; discuss your realistic breast goals, and perform a beautiful breast procedure you will be excited about. We have more breast augmentation before and after images on our sister site

Please see the beautiful 28-year-old woman who is 3 months after her breast implant augmentation.

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