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Breast Implant Augmentation Recovery

High definition body contouring and breast implant augmentation.
High definition body contouring and breast implant augmentation.

Although breast implant augmentation is the most popular searched term, breast implant augmentation recovery is also a popular question of topic.
Breast surgeon specialists at SurgiSculpt are very open and honest with their patients about the process.
There is minimal to moderate pain since the breast implant is placed in a loose areolar plane under the pectoralis muscle. Due to the breast implant placement, there are no tissues to dissect through, so the pain is minimal to moderate.
There is no bleeding in breast implant augmentation recovery, so there is no pro-inflammatory stimulus to irritate sensory nerves. It is important to remember that breast augmentation surgery is done under direct visualization and is done using a lighted mammary retractor.
There are no random dissections, and thus there is no bleeding. Pain is induced by bleeding, so it makes sense that only minimal-moderate pain is expected in a breast implant augmentation recovery. No bleeding is also critical since it is associated with early capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is the thickening of the breast scar tissue, which forms the capsule when a breast implant is placed.
We provide our patients with compression garments in breast implant augmentation recovery. This compression garment acts as a Band-Aid, wrapping the breasts so the band’s pressure suppresses the pain nerves. We require our patients to keep the compression garment on for one week until seen in the office.
We allow our patients to drive when they no longer take pain pills. This time usually occurs after the one-week mark post-surgery. Power steering is recommended to avoid unnecessary use of your arms and pecs until your implant position stabilizes. This stabilization is when the capsule formation is completed, and this is noted in 2 weeks.

We tell our patients to avoid using their arms and pecs for one month because both motions will squeeze down the subpectoral pocket and push the implant up into the subclavicular space that is larger in size; this is undesirable. To counter this, we also place our patients in a breast band on top of the implants. Our breast band keeps our implants down. This can be removed when the capsule forms (occurs at two weeks), and once the capsule forms, implant movement is forbidden.

Please see our 24-year-old female here, who is three months into her breast implant augmentation recovery time.

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