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Mini Mommy Makeover

Mini Mommy Makeover
Mini Mommy Makeover

A 34-year-old female with a mini mommy makeover that included a mini tummy tuck and breast lift with implant replacement.

A mini mommy makeover is an adjustment to the traditional mommy makeover procedure that includes a mini tummy tuck instead of a full tuck. A mommy makeover at SurgiSculpt includes a circumferential life-changing transformation of a patient’s body contour. Following pregnancies, females may often retain gained weight or be left with excess skin redundancy and looseness.

The Mini Mommy Makeover Procedure

There are several ways to address undesirable post-pregnancy contour changes. SurgiSculpt will only perform a mini mommy makeover when the patient qualifies for the surgery. As opposed to a full mommy makeover, a mini mommy makeover patient will present with only mild to moderate skin redundancy of the lower abdomen and other areas of concern.

As an expert in VASER liposuction, SurgiSculpt surgeons suggest using the mini mommy makeover procedure because it will allow him to perform the mini tummy tuck and circumferential VASER liposuction. As this procedure is for moms, it is critical to ensure the least recovery time possible while providing the patient with their dream body.

A mini mommy makeover procedure will only have one recovery period, whereas a full tummy tuck followed by VASER liposuction will need to be staged. Another advantage for moms looking for a makeover is that the low incision line near the pubic region hidden in the bikini line will eliminate any scarring following a C-section.

Have you noticed undesirable changes to your belly or surrounding areas? Undesirable changes may have included loose skin around the lower abdomen and sagging or deflating the breasts, which may require a simultaneous breast procedure. Body procedures may include a mini tummy tuck or a more comprehensive plastic surgery procedure that involves circumferential contouring. Breast procedures may include the placement of breast implants to provide increased breast volume or a mini breast lift to correct sagging after breastfeeding. It’s always possible to look and feel your best. Schedule a complimentary consultation with SurgiSculpt today!

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