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Medial Buttock Aesthetics

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Please appreciate this 35-year-old female with an aesthetically pleasing and round medial buttock border after her high definition liposuction procedure.

Medial buttock aesthetics have not been discussed to date. The medial buttock aesthetics has definite differences in contour between male and female patients. The most important consideration for medial buttock aesthetics is appreciating these gender-specific differences. Beautiful buttocks are predicated on implementing the correct surgical technique to achieve gluteal region aesthetics that are appropriate for your gender aesthetics.

Feminine body parts look rounded and full centrally, much like a hill. In contrast, masculine body parts tend to look straight and flat yet bold centrally, much like a plateau. These gender-specific features also dictate the surgical procedures required to achieve these gender-specific aesthetic goals.

Male Medial Buttock Aestehtics

The male medial buttocks region must be bold and squared off along its borders. The upper and lower medial buttocks can be grafted to masculinize the male buttocks. The upper medial buttock will create a pillar, and the lower medial buttock will give the buttock the double “L” squared-off look.

In summary, bold medial buttock lines can be created that are more squared in appearance with a straight-line perimeter.

Female Medial Buttock Aesthetics

The female medial buttock region needs to be rounded in appearance. This requires feathering the medial buttocks over the upper medial region so that the hill’s peak is located along the central buttock cheek and the lower medial buttock region so that it is rounded.

This look can be achieved using light liposuction in the area. The medial lower buttock should be round, as depicted by creating a “J” appearance. In summary, a rounded appearance in the female is required to create a more feminine appearance.

Medial Buttock Aesthetics Summary

In conclusion, medial buttock aesthetics is dictated by gender differences. Gender differences in the female buttock include creating central fullness and a rounded perimeter. This is in contrast to the male buttock, which requires a central buttock flatness and a linear or squared appearance of the perimeter.

Ideal buttock appearance is dictated by aesthetic guidelines, as discussed above, and personal preferences. Gluteal augmentation must be tailored to address the buttock shape and size preferences. Both autologous fat grafting and liposuction are often necessary to achieve the aesthetics. The medial buttock contour is a small but defined area of the gluteal region that will require micro fat grafting and feather liposuction to optimize.

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