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Arm Lift Scars

brachioplasty patient 4 front right
brachioplasty patient 4 front view

Please see this 71-year-old female who demonstrates an arm lift without unsightly arm lifts scars.

Arm lift scars can be generous following Brachioplasty. Great scars are observed following Brachioplasty because this area is prone to not healing well. Generally, the shoulders, upper back, chest, and upper arm, including the underarm, are areas prone to healing with a thickened scar, i.e., hypertrophic or keloid scar.

This propensity to scar can be compounded by a Brachioplasty when there is increased tension. Increased tension may be necessary when extensive underarm skin needs to be excised to correct the underarm skin.

When it comes to arm lifts using the Brachioplasty technique, removing the maximum amount of skin is critical to improving the arm contour. However, this can put you at risk of developing a prominent arm scar.

Removal of Arm Lift Scars

The Brachioplasty technique requires liposuction first to remove the fat, followed by skin excision to tighten the skin. First, liposuction removes excess fat. Once the fat deposits have been removed, the excess skin will be excised to complete your arm lift procedure. Removing the slack in the loose skin is compounded by removing excess fat. As such, arm lift surgery is a surgical procedure designed to successfully eliminate soft tissue fulness at the cost of earning visible scarring.

Regardless, excessive tension must be avoided in the Brachioplasty procedure so that visible scars are not created.

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