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Arm Lift Cost

brachioplasty surgery left arm view
brachioplasty surgery left view

Please review this 47-year-old female following post-bariatric surgery involving a Brachioplasty.

Arm lift cost is determined by the surgery required to improve the arm contour. Three maneuvers are routinely used today to provide arm lift surgeries, and they include:

Decisions regarding which maneuver will be used are based solely on the degree of skin redundancy or excess skin. Suction-assisted liposuction is the common denominator in all arm lift surgeries.

If you are young and your skin texture is good and taut, then liposuction alone can be used to achieve arm lift results. The addition of ultrasound-assisted liposuction using VASER technology has allowed minimal redundancy to be accommodated without further intervention. When moderate skin redundancy is present, minimally invasive Renuvion skin tightening is employed to tighten the loose skin following liposuction. Finally, if you demonstrate extensive skin redundancy, you will be best treated with a Brachioplasty involving more formal excision of skin redundancy.

Arm Lift Cost Variations

Liposuction provides the least expensive treatment option for an arm lift. When Renuvion J plasma skin tightening is required, the cost of your arm lift will be increased because all patients that are administered J plasma treatments first require liposuction. The liposuction eliminates excess fat and provides the undermining required to introduce and deliver the J plasma wand. In addition, the J plasma wand is a single-use item that must be separately purchased. Arm lift cost will be increased by the addition of Renuvion skin tightening not only because the operative times will be increased by ½ hour but also because the Renuvion wand used to deliver the energy used to tighten the skin costs 1000 $.

The cost of brachioplasty is the highest of the arm lift procedure options and will increase the average cost of your surgical procedure merely because of increased operative times. This is because repairing extensive surgical incision lines is timely and prolongs operative times. Brachioplasty surgery is the definitive technique for eliminating excess skin, but it does take longer to perform and will require you to heal a surgical incision line. Brachioplasty surgery is clearly the most invasive arm lift option and therefore the most expensive with respect to arm lift cost considerations.

Arm lift cost Components

When it comes to determining surgical fees, several components must be considered. The most important component is the operative times which will affect your surgical center or facility fees and your anesthesia fees. Additional costs may be incurred by purchasing disposable equipment such as the Renuvion J plasma tool. The number of fatty tissues requiring removal will also increase the average price because it will prolong operative times. Finally, the sewing of incision lines will affect surgical times.

If you want an arm lift, you may pay with a check, credit card, or payment plan. Financing options are several and depend on the platform chosen and the timeline for repayment. If you are interested in undergoing an arm lift surgery, we encourage you to consult with one of our SurgiSculpt surgeons.

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