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Transgender Breast Surgery

Transgender Breast Surgery

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Transgender breast surgery requires the reassignment of breast shape from one gender to another. Transgender breast surgery surgeons must have an intimate knowledge of breast anatomy and tissue composition. Moreover, they must have an understanding of gender-specific nuances and differences.

Transgender Female Breast Surgery

There are differences in transgender breast surgery between males and females. The female breast is characterized by being full in volume and rounded in its perimeter. The fuller female breast shape provides the differential between the fuller breast and leaner abdominal contour that defines the beautiful female silhouette. The female breast tissues are composed of specialized glandular tissues that serve to produce milk during pregnancy. The glandular tissues are centralized over the female chest and located directly beneath the nipple and areola.

The periphery of the female breast is composed of fat cells that provide the bulk of the breast volume. Breast skin is typically malleable and redundant. When skin redundancy becomes more prominent, female patients may note sagging of the breasts with drooping of the nipple and areola complex to the most dependent position of the breasts. Finally, the female nipple and areola are typically much more generous in size and located centrally along with the breast mound.

Transgender Male Breast Surgery

The male breast is characterized by being flatter and having a straight line in its perimeter. The flatter male breast shape and straight line borders create a more masculine armor-plate appearance. The male breast tissues comprise minimal glandular tissue and similarly minimal fat in the periphery.

In addition, the male breast skin is typically non-redundant and has tight inconsistency. Skin redundancy and bulky male chest appearance are only observed with moderate to severe weight gain. Finally, the male breast nipple and areola are smaller in diameter and localized to the lower lateral breast quadrant.

Transgender Breast Surgery Summary

In summary, transgender breast surgery is critical to clients desiring to complete their gender reassignment transformation. The breasts directly affect the overall gender assignment, and their conversion is essential to completing gender conversion.

To complete transgender breast surgery, surgeons must not only understand gender-specific breast nuances but also be capable of modifying traditional breast surgery protocols to meet the demands of breast conversion goals.

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