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How Will My Butt Look Like in Clothes after BBL

How will my butt look like in clothes after BBL
How will my butt look like in clothes after BBL
How Will My Butt Look Like in Clothes after BBL

Please appreciate this 31-year-old female who now enjoys how her butt looks in clothes after BBL.

If you are wondering what my butt will look like in clothes after BBL, this blog was written for you. A BBL involves the transfer of fat from the abdomen, back, and flanks to the butt to exaggerate the female curves created by a generous buttock contour and a narrower waistline.

The differential created by a more prominent buttock and the snatched waist will be evident even through clothes. This differential is in the waist to buttock width can be graded by a ratio of waist to buttock width both from the lateral and back views. The waist-to-buttock ratio can range from a more subtle differential of 0.8 to a maximum differential of 0.5.

The more aggressive differential of 0.5 describes a buttock width that is 2 x the waist. Regardless of if you want a subtle or exaggerated curve, the transition from the buttock to the waist must be smooth and not sharp. When this transition is made sharp, the contouring is considered botched and will be depicted by a shelf or step deformity. This deformity will be visible and will show your butt look like in clothes after BBL.

As a center specializing in BBL, we are routinely asked, “how will my butt look like in clothes after BBL?” Moreover, we also perform many BBL revisions, and the most common complaint is that clients don’t like the contour of their buttocks to waist contour in clothes. Patients will complain that there is a groove in their dresses along the lower back and buttock region.

Patients desiring a BBL revision will describe how they want a smooth contour line, especially along the lower back and upper buttocks. Another result of adding volume to the mid-buttock is that the pelvic rim gets tilted forward, thus exaggerating the female silhouette. This tilting of the pelvic rim is best appreciated when viewing the female body from the side.

If you are wondering how you will butt look in clothes after BBL, you can appreciate the changes your body will undergo by wearing flat-soled versus high-heeled shoes. This is because high-heeled shoes will similarly tilt your pelvis, giving your torso more exaggerated curves and appeal. Suppose you are interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift. In that case, we encourage you to consult with one of our SurgiSculpt consultants today to evaluate your body contouring needs comprehensively. Following your BBL procedure evaluation, you will be provided with a customized surgical plan to ensure that your BBL surgery goals are met.

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