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Feeling Saggy and Deflated

Feeling Saggy and Deflated
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If you are feeling saggy and deflated, you need to consider SurgiSculpt’s modified breast lift with implant augmentation. Combining a breast lift with an implant augmentation can be a technically challenging surgery. This is because the breast lift automatically places stresses on the nipple and areola complex by virtue of making incisions around the nipple and areola.

Incisions or back cuts are necessary to move the nipple and areola to a higher, more desirable position to eliminate the feeling of being saggy and deflated. When you combine this maneuver with the addition of an implant, then even more stresses are placed on the nipple and areola. This is because the implant must be ideally placed behind the areola to create an aesthetically pleasing breast mound shape. This placement of the implant behind the areola creates additional pressure on the nipple and areola that can cause compromised blood flow.

In order to minimize the risk of blood flow to the nipple and areola, the vertical breast lift has been promoted as it allows for blood flow to the nipple and areola from the superior aspect of the breast, called the superior pedicle.

This superior pedicle is more protected from the pressure compression created from the placement of the implant. However, the vertical mastopexy forbids optimal reshaping of the breast mound. In contrast, the traditional breast lift design that is referred to as the Weiss pattern lift is the ideal breast lift design for breast reshaping to avoid being saggy and deflated.

However, the Weiss pattern lift utilizes an inferior pedicle, that is prone to compression from the placement of an implant. SurgiSculpt utilizes his modified breast lift with implant augmentation that is a fusion of both a vertical mastopexy as well as an inferiorly based Weiss pattern breast lift for saggy and deflated breasts. The vertical mastopexy is first used to lift the nipple and areola complex to a more desirable position.

Once, the implant is positioned underneath the newly positioned nipple and areola complex, then a Weiss pattern design is used to optimally shape the breast mound with wedge excisions from the bottom of the medial and lateral breast pole. Ultimately, the fusion of the vertical mastopexy and Weiss pattern breast lift provides the safety of preserving the nipple and areola complex while optimizing the breast shaping capacity of the Weiss pattern.

If you are feeling saggy and deflated, we encourage you to consider SurgiSculpt’s modified breast lift with implant augmentation technique that has proven to be both effective in safety and breast shaping capacity.

A 38-year-old female patient who was feeling saggy and deflated and underwent a bilateral breast lift and implant augmentation.

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