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Fat Transfer Following Botched Gynecomastia

Fat Transfer Following Botched Gynecomastia
Fat Transfer Following Botched Gynecomastia

45-year-old male bilateral breast fat grafting and liposuction to correct breast deformity

As with any liposuction or body contouring procedure, your surgeon must balance excess fat and quality and quantity of skin prior to committing to a plan. If you receive aggressive liposuction of your chest area without addressing the skin looseness, this may result in an operating result that is botched in appearance called Botched Gynecomastia.

Specifically, the skin that is now even saggier may accentuate the man’s boob appearance by virtue of hanging even lower. In others, skin irregularity can cause the creation of divots and wells that really look bad. In order to counter skin redundancy, two techniques can be used and include either skin tightening or the strategic addition of fat to take up the slack while not jeopardizing a more masculine look. 

Skin tightening can be achieved in using either minimally invasive or more invasive ways depending on the degree of skin laxity. The minimally invasive technique includes the use of Renuvion subdermal coagulation which utilizes a trim want to deliver combined radiofrequency and plasma helium energy that literally shrink wraps the collagen in and under the skin causing the skin to tighten.

This is an attractive option as it avoids surgical incision lines that may result in scarring. More invasive cutting, i.e. surgical excision, can also be used to literally eliminate skin redundancy by tucking it. Although this option will result in surgical incision lines it is the most definitive technique to remove skin and can correct even extensive skin redundancy.

Fat transfer following botched gynecomastia is routinely employed to reduce skin redundancy. Strategic fat grafting into the particular regions of the chest, allow your surgeon to replace the volume of fat removed from the central areola region to the perimeter of the chest such that it creates a more masculine, armor plate appearance. If you feel that you have a botched gynecomastia result, a fat transfer procedure could be your answer.

Fat transfer following botched gynecomastia is similar to any fat transfer procedure. Knowledge of muscle anatomy and an ideal male chest appearance is crucial for male chest fat grafting. SurgiSculpt outlines the ideal chest masculinization protocol in his peer-reviewed scientific publication Masculinized Male Chest Contouring: Creating the Armor Plate. In there, he explains the areas of fat reduction and fat addition to creating a strong pentagonal shaped appearance.

You can apply these same principals to a gynecomastia revision case. In this 45-year-old patient’s case, he had divots in his chest due to aggressing prior liposuction. SurgiSculpt was able to use his own fat to fill these areas via fat transfer while also further flattening the chest to complete his gynecomastia procedure. 

If you are interested in a fat transfer procedure to correct prior body contouring mistakes, contact Newport Beach plastic surgeon today for a free consultation. We offer daily virtual or in-person consultation.

Botched Gynecomastia and fat transfer in this 45-year-old male 2 months following bilateral breast fat grafting and liposuction to correct breast deformity created by a prior surgeon.

Fat transfer following botched gynecomastia allows patients like to return to a normal, masculine breast appearance. Gynecomastia surgery refers to the elimination of the infamous “man boobs”.

Fat Transfer Following Botched Gynecomastia

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