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VASER Liposculpture Special

Have you envisioned a beautiful shape with eye-catching proportions? Do you want to reveal the figure of your dreams? Not everyone can spend time in the gym or live the required rigorous lifestyle, but if you take care of yourself,  you deserve it.

Whether you are a woman who desires more curves or a man who wants SurgiSculpt's amazing Armored Chest "Superhero" six-pack, we can fulfill your dreams.

Now, you can put yourself in the hands of surgeons who are artists and perfectionists.

What You Can Expect:

  • Pricing at $1,300 an area for expert, artistic body sculpting
  • A personalized surgical plan that is created just for your goals and body type
  • Clarity about skin laxity issues, options for correction
  • An experienced explanation of the procedure and what are realistic expectations
  • Expert recommendations for how to enhance your results
  • To enjoy real patient results from the menu below.

Fill out the request for a virtual or in-person consultation today.

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Please Note:

  • The consult has a "no show" fee of $100 and is fully refundable after your appoinment. 
  • A "I'm ready!" discount is offered on your quote. Book within 2 business days after your consult and receive $1,000 off.
  • Local, Awake, or general anesthesia is offered. Note not all procedures quality for Awake sedation.
  • SurgiSculpt will finalize your personalized surgical plan and quote after your consultation.
  • A SurgiSculpt cosmetic or plastic surgeon will be your primary surgeon when you book surgery.



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