ProCell Microneedling | Face Rejuvenation with Human Stem Cells



ProCell Microneedling: Face Rejuvenation

ProCell Microneedling
ProCell Microneedling

ProCell Microneedling


Microneedling for skin rejuvenation with human stem cells. This procedure helps with fine lines and wrinkles and acne scars, tightens, brightens, and plumps up the skin. We use a serum with cutting edge stem cell science with over 350 growth factors for optimal results. Applying this serum with micro-needling allows you to receive 300% more product penetration for maximal benefit. Microneedling along your skin also stimulates collagen and elastin production. In combination with the stem cell serum, this procedure repairs damaged skin cells to turn back the hands of time against aging. You will see instant results!


This process includes steam to open the pores. A deep cleanse along with exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells. Then a masque is applied for tightening and softening the skin. While the masque is setting in you will receive a message with hot stone therapy. Then the stem cells are applied in sections and are needled into the skin.


Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Place of Treatment

You will be treated in our medical spa room in our state of the art medical office and surgery center.


After your treatment apply the stem cell serum every half hour until bedtime. Micro channels in your skin will remain open for a few hours following the treatment, so the serum will continue to penetrate the skin to enhance the production of new collagen and elastin in your skin. Be sure to drink lots of water to keep hydrated and to help flush toxins out of your body. Do not apply any products to your face including makeup. A gentle face cleanser should be used at bedtime. Always be sure to wear sun screen to protect your skin. For best long term results, apply growth serum daily.

For best results you should return for a follow up MicroNeedling treatment in four weeks. To maintain your results it is recommended that you have a treatment every 3-6 months.

Your health and well being will always be our first concern. When numbing wears off your skin, you may feel like you have a mild sunburn and exhibit a red glow. You may apply a cool compress such as an ice pack to relieve the burning (do not use creams or other topical medications). These side effects are generally resolved by the following morning. Longer needle lengths may continue to be red for an extra day, or may result potential pinprick scabbing (red dots). You can expect to return to normal within 2-3 days.

There is no recovery time associated with the ProCell Microneedling. You may return to work and your daily activities immediately after the treatment.

A mild topical anesthesia may be applied 10-20 minutes prior to your appointment.


I Just Love the Doctor

I think the doctor and his team are so wonderful. I just love him, too bad he is married haha! Thank you for the fabulous work, Doctor. For anyone reading, I highly recommend him for any procedure! Thank you, thank you thank you!

I Felt I Was In Good Hands With A Very Professional Dr.

Very Welcoming & I Always Feel Comfortable. I Love My Results & I Would Recommend Him to Everyone. The staff made you feel at home & the friendly reminders very helpful. I loved the suggestions from James. I had complications, The doctor made sure I had his cell # & was always available to me. Everything turned out Great!!

The absolute best

I found the doctor on RealSelf after months of searching for the right doctor. I decided on this doctor after looking through every single photo and reading the reviews. I submitted an inquiry through RealSelf and got a call from James on a Sunday to discuss my inquiry. I couldn't even believe he was taking the time to talk to me on the weekend. It made me feel so good so I scheduled my consultation for a few weeks out. When I arrived to my consult, I was impressed with how nice the office is. It was clean and beautiful. It was crowded but I didn't wait long. Everyone thoroughly impressed me. I knew what I wanted but I didn't know much about the procedure. They answered all of my questions, was extremely friendly, and had all around good bedside manner. (Let me add he did not try to upsell me AT ALL.. much appreciated because I felt like he actually did care about exactly what I wanted) Fast forward to now: I could NOT be more pleased with the result. The team has changed my life for the better. He is talented, kind, and his staff are all so fantastic. I have never felt better at a doctor's office. I have already referred a co-worker and a family member here and will continue to come here for anything from Botox to facials to skin care.

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