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High Definition Liposuction sculpts the body of your dreams!

High Definition Body Contouring Book

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Superior body contouring results are obtained using a 360 3D approach, combined with attention to your specific goals. Allow the SurgiSculpt™ surgeons to show you how we create the body of your dreams.

5 star rating - Hi Def Lipo Landing Page

"It was a real joy to visit SurgiSculpt. I was able to explain what I wanted to my surgeon.  He really listened! We agreed on a surgical plan that gave me what I wanted at a fair price. I love my new curves and my narrow waist". TR

Today's men are prioritizing their aesthetic appearance more than ever before.  Advances in high definition abdominal contouring such as etching of six-packs and creation of our proprietary Armor Plate chest which addresses stubborn fat and "man-boobs" are what drive men to seek out our SurgiSculpt team.

5 star rating - Hi Def Lipo Landing Page

"OK, I admit it.  I was too proud to get my chest done earlier in life. My surgeon explained how he could eliminate my manni boobs and get pecs and etched abs at the same time.  Boom!  I am ready for the beach" TS

What You Can Expect As a Patient at SurgiSculpt™

At SurgiSculpt™ we recognize that the cosmetic surgery journey is a significant milestone for you. We are committed to making sure this journey is seamless by preparing you for surgery, minimizing your presurgical anxiety, and ensuring postoperative comfort. You can expect to:

    • Learn how to optimize your healing ability with preoperative nutrition


    • Learn how we avoid operative and postoperative anesthesia nausea and grogginess


    • Learn how we ensure comfort, making your surgery virtually pain free


    • Learn how we customize your surgery so that it is tailored to achieve your goals


    • Take advantage of our patient liaisons who have undergone your recommended procedures and are willing to share their experience


    • Utilize our experienced and compassionate patient coordinators


    • Have personal access to your surgeon throughout your surgical journey


    • Be monitored closely in the immediate 24-hour postoperative period at our stay care


    • Be followed closely every day or every other day throughout the first week after surgery


    • Undergo frequent lymphatic massages to minimize swelling and help mold your new sculpted shape


    • Be provided customized foam in-laid compression garments to minimize bruising and optimize your sculpted results


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