Tummy Tuck Case Studies

Designer Belly Button

Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton…this list can go on forever. These designers all have noteworthy characteristics that make them who they are. Before we…


What is ex-vivo liposuction?

Ex vivo liposuction is a novel technique wherein tissues that are preoperatively planned for excision can be liposuctioned in a sterile manner after removal from…

Abominal Etching 13

High Definition Tummy Tuck

Please see this 49 years old female following a high definition tummy tuck.

A high definition tummy tuck is an advancement in abdominal contouring founded by SurgiSculpt. By modifying traditional tummy tuck maneuvers, SurgiSculpt is able to provide patients the benefit of maximal skin removal with the benefit of simultaneous fat removal.


HD Liposuction 360

Please see this 31 tear-old female who is enjoying HD Lipo 360 results.

HD Lipo 360 describes a fusion of three components that include 1)high definition body contouring, 2)fat removal via liposuction, and 3)360 degrees or circumferential sculpting in scope. When all three components have been met then HD Lipo 360 will create a magical body sculpting result.

Abdominal etching before and after 20

Combining tummy tuck with Lipo 360

Please see this 27-year-old after combining tummy tuck with Lipo 360.

Combining tummy tuck with Lipo 360 is indicated when the skin redundancy of the abdomen is severe and when muscle looseness is present. Extensive skin redundancy precludes you from undergoing effective liposuction.

First, the actual maneuver of liposuction with the back and forth motion of the cannula is difficult as the skin moves with each thrust making the piercing of the fat ineffective.


360 Tummy Tuck

46-year-old male patient following his modified tummy tuck and 360 high-definition liposuctions.360 tummy tuck describes the sculpting of your torso in a 3-dimensional fashion to…


Tummy Tuck After C Section

A tummy tuck after c section is a routinely requested procedure that involves correcting pregnancy related abdominal changes. During pregnancy, your tummy will grow to…


High Definition Body Contouring for the Plus-size Patient.

Please see this female who demonstrates high definition body contouring for the plus-size patients.

Body contouring constraints for plus size patients

High definition body contouring for plus size patients is now a reality. The procedure describes the ability to remove fat comprehensively in a circumferential manner. Comprehensive fat removal results are superior to conventional body contouring procedures as they result in more stunning con

Waistline 11

How to Avoid Dog Ears Following Tummy Tuck Surgery.

How to avoid dog ears following tummy tuck surgery is a common question I get from patients desiring correction of undesired pregnancy changes. What is a dog ear? A dog ear is an unnecessary fullness that can result along the flanks following tucking of the front abdominal skin and soft tissues.

The reason for creation of dog ears is two fold. First, just as there is fullness in the front of the belly which patients are seeking a tummy tuck for, there is fullness of the sides due to either excess fat and/or skin redundancy. In addition, the process of tightening the soft tissues in the front will push the soft tissues out on the sides. Everybody has witnessed this effect when trying to stuff a suitcase when traveling.


Tummy Tuck Belly Button

Belly button shape and positioning are the most critical considerations when gauging success following tummy tuck surgery. This is because the tummy tuck belly button…


Post-bariatric Tummy Tuck

A board-certified plastic surgeon, SurgiSculpt, can give you the very best post bariatric tummy tuck results. An abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, is a cosmetic procedure that removes extra fat and skin to reduce the torso bulk, while also tightening the abdominal wall muscles.

urgiSculpt sets several goals to ensure the best tummy tuck outcomes. These goals include creating:

  1. A maximally narrowed waistline in order to exaggerate an hourglass figure
  2. An innie belly button that can be shown off even when wearing a two-piece bikini
  3. A low incision line that is hidden in your undergarments
  4. Proper differential to muscle tightening that will provide aesthetic contour lines with an upper concave and lower convex abdomen
  5. Avoidance of lateral flank prominence termed dog ears
  6. Highlights of your abdominal muscles when feasible


Tummy Tuck Newport Beach

Tummy tuck Newport Beach is an extremely common request for both local and out-of-town patients searching for a high-end tummy tuck surgeon. Featured on several plastic surgery TV shows, Newport Beach, California is world-renowned as a plastic surgery hub.

Therefore, a high-end surgeon may be difficult to discover due to the sheer volume of plastic surgeons that the city has to offer. So, what separates a regular tummy tuck from one performed from a master body contour?

Tummy Tuck 34

Abdominal Scar Following Tummy Tuck

Will I have an abdominal scar after my tummy tuck? Unfortunately, regardless of which board-certified plastic surgeon you go to, the answer is always yes. We say this not to scare you away from the surgery, but to ensure you have all the information at your disposal prior to making your decision.

A tummy tuck is an incredible, life-changing cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that can not only improve your appearance but your confidence and quality of life as well.

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Eliminating Upper Abdominal Skin Rolls with Tummy Tuck

Eliminating upper abdominal skin rolls, also known as stomach rolls is one of the most popular requests for a tummy tuck surgeon. The resented muffin top appearance that everyone wants to get rid of involves lower abdominal skin rolls and fat.

However, what many people do not know is that while a tummy tuck incision is made around the lower abdomen/waistline, upper abdominal skin rolls can also be eliminated with a tummy tuck. In fact, a full tummy tuck is the only plastic surgery procedure that will definitely remove this excess skin and fat all at once.


Decreasing Girth With Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is a highly sought after operation for patients who want to eliminate excess skin and fat, leaning out the abdomen. Decreasing girth with a tummy tuck includes the excision of the excess belly skin, which also aids in removing stretch marks and redundant skin.

Having a tummy tuck may not only provide the immediate results of a toned belly but in turn lead to lasting weight loss. A scientific study supports a neuroendocrine mechanism that involves an increased satiety feeling, due to the removal of fat cells in a tummy tuck.

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