Butt Implants

Butt Implant Cost

Patients can fully understand buttock implant cost by appreciating several factors. First, the final cost of any procedure really comes down to the LEGNTH of the operation. What is needed to complete the cosmetic procedure determines the length. Another way to think about it is to consider the patient’s goals…

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Creating the Perfect Butt: Buttock Assessment Tool

Being a surgeon in creating the perfect butt and an official trainer at a premier surgical center, the ideal buttocks has become a popularly desired asset. The buttock is an integrant of female beauty, and with the recent popularity, buttock augmentation procedures and BBLs have been more desired than ever.

Beautiful women traveling around the nation and the world coming to SurgiSculpt all ask for the same thing, to create the perfect butt. Although all ask for the same, it means something different for each of them.

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How Common are Buttock Implants

Have you wondered how common are buttock implants? Buttock implants are not as popular as a Brazilian buttock lift and this is because of the high incidence of buttock implant extrusions.

National reports have reported a concerning rate of 1 in 5 failed implant cases that have caused many patients to avoid buttocks augmentation with buttocks implants. Fortunately, recent advances in buttock implant surgical protocols have allowed for a significant decrease in extrusion rates.

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Proper Buttock Implant Placement

Advances in proper buttock implant placement have allowed surgeons to minimize the risk of this procedure. For years, buttock implant augmentation was plagued by a near 20% complication relating to implant infection and extrusion.

Today, optimizing proper buttock implant placement, have been reduced to less than 5%. The most important advancement has involved sealing the buttock implant within the gluteus muscle.

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Round vs Oval Buttock Implants

First, the position of the implant is over the central buttocks making the implant pocket vulnerable to frequent compression and shear forces. After all the buttocks are what we sit on every day of our life.

In addition, the implant is positioned inside the gluteus major muscle where it will be exposed to continual movement secondary to muscle fibers contracting around it.

It is not shocking to consider that every active individual will likely place asymmetric forces on the implant causing it to rotate.

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Buttock Implant Risks

Implant extrusion. Implant extrusion is probably the most concerning buttock implant risk with nationally reported rates nearing 20%.  This buttock implant risk has likely lessened in the last few years as implant placement position has been transferred from above the gluteus major muscle to inside the muscle. Performing safe buttock implant augmentation requires intimate knowledge of the gluteus major muscle size and shape. The secret to avoiding this buttock implant risk is to select a buttocks implant that fits comfortably within this muscle. The difficulty with this decision making is that patients will often desire a larger implant than is too large for their muscle. Unfortunately, using an implant larger than the gluteus major width will result in implant extruding first out of the muscle; this will immediately create a contour deformity as the edge of the muscle will be visible through the lateral buttocks skin. More concerning is the fact that once the implant tears out of the muscle, the implant will inevitably force its way ou

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