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Limitations of Renuvion

How does Renuvion work and What are the Limitations of Renuvion? What are the limitations of Renuvion? Renuvion j plasma technology involves controlled thermal heating of collagen molecules using helium activated radiofrequency energy. This thermal energy is able to shrink wrap collagen like an accordion thus shortening collagen containing molecules. We have previously described how …

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Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Emboli

Fat emboli during a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery remains a detrimental complication that continues to plague this most popular cosmetic surgery. Over the last six years the number of Brazilian butt lifts performed have continued to rise gradually and include 18,414 in 2016, 23,115 in 2017, 26,774 in 2018, 33,880 in 2019, 44,725 in 2020, …

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What is Carboxypneumodissection?

Carboxypneumodissection has been developed by Dr. Guillermo Blugerman from Argentina who is considered a true master of cosmetic surgery. Carboxypneumodissection describes the ability to improve vascularity and oxygen delivery to tissues that might be compromised. Protection of vascular compromise occurs by two mechanisms that include infiltration of Carbon dioxide (CO2) and subsequent release of Oxygen …

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How Do Results Improve with Time After High Definition Body Contouring

How Do High Definition Body Contouring Results Improve with Time Patients often ask us how much must pass before they reach their full potential after high definition body contouring. The answer is variable and based on multiple factors. The first includes the extent of surgery that is undertaken. The more extensive your surgery, the longer …

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gynecomastia surgery worth it

Awake Gynecomastia Surgery

Is awake gynecomastia surgery possible? The answer is yes, but first we need to learn more about the condition and its causes.

Gynecomastia or enlarged, female appearing breast, is a condition that keeps many males from feeling confident. Genetics, poor dietary and lifestyle changes, age, certain medications, and other unspecified reasons can cause gynecomastia. It can show itself at any age and it is thought to affect up to 50% of men in the US during their lifetime.

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How Much Tumescent Volume can be used During Liposuction

What is tumescent solution? Tumescent solution volumes have evolved throughout the last half of the 20th century. You might be surprised to know that in 1960 no tumescent solution was utilized at all, termed dry lipo. Tumescent liposuction was first introduced in 1982 and intended to provide two functions. The first role of tumescent was …

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Liposuction with a Tummy Tuck

What is 360 liposuction? 360 liposuction refers to comprehensive and strategic fat removal from all prominent areas of the body. The goal of 360 liposuction is creating a harmonious physique from all anatomical angles. This is accomplished through cavitation of fat cells with ultrasound technology administered through a solid straight probe (VASER ie Vibration Amplification …

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Awake Brachioplasty

What is a brachioplasty? “Brachioplasty ” or ” Arm lift” is a surgical procedure in which most of the back and undersurface of the arm is treated surgically. The goal of an arm lift is to get rid of excess tissue and skin of the affected areas and create a small and smooth arm. During …

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Increase in Brazilian Buttock Lifts in California

Brazilian Buttock Lifts in California There has been a recent increase in Brazilian Buttock lifts (BBLs) performed in California. You may be thinking, “Why are Brazilian Buttock Lifts on the rise in California?” The are multiple answers. The reasons for the recent increase in California Brazilian Buttock Lift surgeries stems from emergency action taken by …

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